I am still in college but I play competitively with an esport team . We are a women’s team. We are 4 cis women and 1 trans woman.

We play together , and we used to only play online because if covid period. But we had our first meet up to play on LAN together. We booked hotel rooms and so on . And there was a party at the arrival and I kinda got drunked and ended up being brought to my room by my friend ( the trans one) she’s very pretty honestly and like we started talking while sitting together and slowly it became more flirty and we ended up having sex…

Something about her being so hot and pretty while also having a dick was just very hot to me . Like she’s hotter than me while I’m just a nerdy normal girl but idk she just knew how to turn me on and take full control over my body and just dominates me . It was wild and like we did it for the entire stay … she has control over me now and we do it whenever she wants . I just freeze whenever she moves on me and I let her do what she desires even tho I feel wrong because I have a partner

What’s new is that :
We had an event this week , and so went to play together in a setup by the org.. and like she would keep touching and caressing me during the game after every round..
we don’t really talk about it happening but she is very touchy and gropes me a lot outside even during team talk and so , and it’s done in secret but I also don’t want any one to find out so it’s very risky ..
Unlucky for us , but we lost and got out of the tournament, and we were frustrated..

And she took her frustration out on me by following me when I went to the bathroom and she bent me there and did a quickie .. and then again at night she took me to her room and used me , like it was very aggressive sex , she was so frustrated and felt like I was just used by her till she came and then she went to sleep while I went back to my room to clean up and sleep