Diagnosed Nympho treating her addiction.

I am a diagnosed nymphomaniac and have been for at. Least 6/7 years now.

Getting into a relationship is hard for me because there is so many urges and desires I wish to obtain and I can’t whilst restricted. For this reason, I’m in a very open relationship and never monogamous.

Over the past months with stress, this has gotten a lot worse for me and I’ve been unable to keep myself tamed. So last weekend I booked my self an adult hotel/swingers club trip as a single female and told my bf I was going away with the girls. I didn’t.

I went to the club as single female and instantly hit it off with an older couple who were very liking the fact I was younger. Seemed to be the youngest there tbh 😂🤤

So we chatted for abit, and then he went off to do whatever and left me with his wife. Well his wife showed me around, the glory hole room, orgy room, grope room, cinema room. Everything a nympho could dream off. This truly was heaven. We went Into the womens glory hole room and she told me to lay into one of the cavity’s so for the men only my pussy and ass was showing. Well you know how that went. Fuckkk.

We joined another couple in the orgy room, at one point there was about 3 guys and 1 girl on me. Just kept cumming and cumming. I had booked a room to stay however the couple then invited me into there room where there was a bi couple. So for the rest of the night it was me, another woman and 3 men 🤤🤤🤤

Honestly. I’m thinking about going every weekend.