I started to get a little horny sometime after dinner. My husband was playing Elden Ring and I was laying on the couch browsing NSFW subs especially anal related content. I was dropping subtle hints all day about him putting it in my butt or joking about doing it myself with toys. Nothing usually comes from it and I just typically stick with vaginal penetration but I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I waited for my 4 month old to fall asleep so I could have some alone time and jumped into the shower. Aside from my usual cleaning routine I reached for the lube and my 7 inch pink suction dildo. I’m still a little nervous doing anything related to anal and the last time I tried it I was 7 months pregnant and ridiculously horny. But if I was going to attempt anal with my husband again I want to prep myself and warm up. I’m horrified that it will be a messy process and I let it stop me from potentially having a fun experience. But not this time, I lubed up my dildo before I could over think it and stuck it to the wall of the shower. I realized I was already dripping just thinking about it so now my heart is racing with the thought of something new, I turned around and backed up to it. I felt the pressure against my entrance and pushed back a bit more, the tip popped in easily. I started moving down on the toy a little more and with a startling realization my ass was already pressed up against the wall. It went in easy, the full length of the toy was already up my ass, the pressure was amazing. I started to grind on it, first slow but once I realized it didn’t hurt I picked up pace.

I grabbed my phone and started filming, I took a few snap chats and sent them to my husband. I knew he wouldn’t look right away because he was still playing Elden ring but I finished up my shower and got out. I sat out on the couch for a bit and told him I was going to lay down. I knew by this point he has seen the videos and already knows what I want. He tells me he will be in bed shortly so I assumed another hour or so. To kill time I watched porn, anal porn and my pussy was throbbing just thinking about him in my ass. I was edging myself and he came to bed sooner than I thought. Right away he starts kissing and groping me. We start to undress and I grabbed my pink lush toy and put it in my pussy. My husband can control it with his phone so he turned it on. I almost could couldn’t contain my excitement and turned around. My husband generously lubed up his cock and I told him I want to insert it so just like in the shower I slowly backed up to him. I felt the heat of him pressed up against me and felt the pressure on my ass. It wasn’t as easy as the toy though he is thicker and took more time to adjust to his size. He started to push into me and I went limp he started thrusting  and my legs went weak I could barleyhold myself up. He held my hips in place and kept thrusting into me with more momentum.

I lay down in prone position and he really started to drill my ass. I could feel him hitting the toy in my pussy. I felt so full. “Please don’t cum I don’t want you to stop” he grabs my hair and pulls my head back to him “im not even close. I was basically begging him not to cum at this point I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I couldn’t believe I was begging him to keep drilling my ass. I was he anal slut now and he new it. The vibrations from the toy would make me tighten around his cock sending waves through me. He grabbed me and pulled me on my side “are you my little anal sult? Daddy wants to hear you say it” But I stayed silent for a moment I selfishly didn’t want to say anything that could potentially arouse him more. ” I won’t because I don’t want you to cum” with that he grabbed me and forced me on my back and growled “I won’t I promise” and places my legs on his shoulders.  I angle up so I can feel him press the antenna of the lush toy on my clit as he drills my ass.

The sensation of the vibrations and pressure of his dick pushing on the toy from inside my ass was building an orgasm. I started to tense and he knew I was about to cum. I don’t normally announce when I do but I wasn’t in control anymore “I’m going to cum!” He gripped my legs tight and pushed as close to me as he could. He pounded my ass hard and fast. He thrusted with every pulse 9f my orgasm. I couldn’t move my eyes were literally rolling. I started to dig into his arms the orgasm had only subsided for a few seconds when I started to feel pressure again and then a warmth spread through my body. Before I had time to understand what was happening I was cuming again. “Oh my God I’m cuming again”. This unleashed something in him and he was thrusting against me so hard I was basically s creaming. He pushed deep in me and I felt him twitching. He fell ontop of me and I was struggling to control myself and as much as I wanted to lay in bed and enjoy the feeling of having two orgasms back to back for the first time ever I had woken up the baby because I absolutely unaware of how loud I was actually being and my husband didn’t stop me.