I had a party at mine last summer and after all my friends left it was just me, my boyfriend and three of his friends around my fire pit chatting shit. We were all drunk af and and I joked that we should play truth or dare. I go first and started it off sexual by asking where the riskiest place one of them had sex was, he said his friends caravan lol.

My boyfriend dared me to take off my top. I was wearing a zip up top that I wore off the shoulder so you could see my bra and some boob and I caught his friend staring earlier. If you didn’t want to tell the truth or do the dare you had to take a shot. They all expected me to take the shot but I was like nope and slowly zipped down my top and threw it on the spare chair and then laughed cause they were all staring. I was getting turned on.

I asked for another truth from one of his friends on my next turn and asked “do my boobs look good?” in front of my boyfriend. He said yes. I was loving it.

My boyfriend dared me again and this time he goes “I dare Hannah to take off her bra”

I gave him “the look” and reached out and pretended to go for the shot before reaching behind my back and taking my bra off in front of them. They were cheering for me😂. I told them to get a good look in and now I felt my pussy throbbing.

I dared his hot friend to feel my tits and went and sat on his lap and looked at my boyfriend while he done it. We were both loving it.

It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and just dared all three to fuck me.

I was wearing white pants and my bf yanked them down along with my thong and bent me over the glass table in my garden.

So there I was drunk and bent over in my heels like a slut outside my house letting my boyfriend and his friends take turns on me. They came on my tits.

It ended up becoming a common thing all summer because my parents weren’t at my house most weekends, they were busy renovating a house they were selling. My bf and his friends started calling it “slut night” where all of them would come over just for me.

It happened 5 more times after that