I (F24) have been doing this thing where every morning my husband (M26) wakes up, I just slide over in bed and start sucking his dick. And then when he gets home from work, I have him sit down on the couch and unzip his pants and start to suck his dick again. I don’t let him cum though, that’s later on.

He’s a grower, not a shower. So I love it in the mornings feeling his dick grow bigger while it’s in my mouth. It’s such a huge turn on and instantly makes me wet.
It’s gotten to the point that when he comes home, he’s already hard as a rock knowing what’s coming. Again though, I stop before he gets to cum.

Since I’ve been doing this, it’s been causing him to build up this sexual energy throughout the day. Making every night lead to amazing sex. Letting him have his way with me, and him finally cumming large amounts wherever he wants.