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Sex is also a very important part of life which helps to make your life exciting and sexy. And for the sex life to be better, it is necessary that the stimulus to enjoy sex should be inside you so that you can also arouse your partner for sex. And you can enjoy the sex life, but you have to take care of a lot of things while having sex, because if you make a mistake while having sex, doing so spoils the fun of your sex life. Know some things related to sex like what you should and should not do during sex.

What to do during sex

Regarding sex, most people have a question in their mind that what should they do during sex that can make sex fun and exciting. So let us tell you today what you can do to make sex exciting.

Make the atmosphere romantic

How to do Sex
Tips to enjoy sex

Whenever you want to enjoy sex with your partner, first of all you have to make the atmosphere romantic for it, for this you can do dirty talk with your partner, caress their limbs, give them beautiful bra panties or nightie. You can ask to wear it, and then by watching porn and dimming the room light you can make the atmosphere absolutely perfect for sex and full of romance and excitement.


As soon as the environment for sex is ready, you should stimulate your partner’s G-spot or the rest of his body parts like breast, vagina, back, abdomen, neck, ears, thighs, etc. by touching his hands on it. He should caress her with his tongue, take her limbs between his lips and make her feel love. Doing so helps you to arouse your partner for sex and by doing so you can enjoy sex together, and always foreplay to make sex better.

What is important?

Whatever you do with foreplay, the more intoxicated you kiss your partner’s lips, the more intoxicated they become, which makes them excited to come in your arms for sex. And on kissing, as soon as she is ready for sex, she wants to feel the warmth of both their bodies by wrapping you between her arms just as fast. And it also helps them to be aroused, so what should you do during sex and what helps you to increase your love anyway.

Make your partner excited

If you want to be able to enjoy better sex then you have to make sure that your partner is ready to have sex, and if he is not ready then you should stimulate him for sex. So that both you and your partner can enjoy sex to the fullest. You can resort to blowjobs, masturbation, foreplay to arouse your partner for sex. This helps to arouse your partner completely for sex.

Try new sex positions

Instead of always having sex the same way, you should try new positions for sex. This helps in maintaining your thrill towards sex. And trying a new position in sex also helps to increase the fun of sex but one thing you should keep in mind while trying the sex position is that you should not make any mistake in it. Because doing so can ruin your fun of having sex.

Stay in bed with your partner for a long time

In order to enjoy abundant sex, you should take care of one more thing that you should not think of ending sex like work or fast. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. And for this you should stop in between during sex and enjoy sex foreplay or any other way. Doing so will not satisfy you quickly which will help you to stay in bed with your partner for a long time, and you can always keep your sex life young.

Take care of satisfaction

Sex Tips
Keep these things in mind while having sex

One more thing you should pay special attention to during sex and that is satisfaction, during sex you should not think only about your satisfaction. Instead, you should try to make sex better so that you and your partner can be satisfied during sex. Because if you do not take care of extreme pleasure during sex, doing so can make your sex life fade somewhere. Well if you want to enjoy sex then you should enjoy it without thinking about satisfaction, because the better you enjoy it, the more it helps you to reach the ultimate pleasure in sex.

What not to do while having sex

In order to enjoy better sex, you should also avoid the mistakes that can be made during sex which can spoil the fun of your sex. So let us know what mistakes you should avoid during sex.

Don’t have sex like work

While having sex, you should take special care that you do not have sex at all like work, but the female partner is not able to enjoy such sex. And she starts to be reluctant to have sex, at the same time because of doing so, she is not able to give you full support during sex, so you should never make this mistake while having sex. And sex should not be like work but it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Don’t use the wrong sex position

It is true that sex position increases the thrill of your sex but it is also true that trying the wrong sex position can spoil the fun of your sex so you should pay special attention to this. You should not try the wrong position while having sex as much as possible and if you try something, it should have the complete information of that sex position with the approval of your partner.

Don’t forget your partner’s satisfaction

Sometimes during sex, men only care about their satisfaction which is wrong for your sex life. If you want to enjoy your sex life to the fullest and enjoy it to the fullest, you need to make sure that during sex you take care not only of yourself but also of your partner’s satisfaction, so that your To help increase the thrill of sex life.

So here are some special tips that you should keep in mind while having sex, what you should and should not do with your partner during sex. If you keep these tips in mind during sex, it will help to make your relationship better and more exciting which will increase your enthusiasm for sex and help your sex life to stay young.