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Mick lay on the sunlounge, beer in hand. His eyes were closed but he wasn’t asleep. His erect cock pointed skywards. By rights his cock should have been flopping in the wind after all the sex he had had this afternoon. But full credit to his stamina, he was ready and rearing to go should the opportunity present itself.

Nicole lay on the sunlounge beside him, one leg draped over each side. Her pussy was tantalizingly open, with just a hint of cum oozing out onto the towel on which she was sitting. She was contentedly sipping on her beer, the relaxed look on her face testimony to the fun that she had also enjoyed.

For my part, I simply relished the view. I was surrounded by naked people, my daughter, her friend and my wife. The day was hot, the drinks were cold. How good does it get?

Fiona looked across to her daughter Nicole laying silently beside her. She reached out and touched her arm, as a sign of her love and confirmation that she fully condoned all that had gone on. The intimacy that we were experiencing had brought us closer together. Nicole glanced across to her mother and smiled, confirming that she too was feeling that our family bond was stronger than ever.

Fiona gently stroked Nicole’s arm. Her hand ran up to her shoulder and she gently rubbed and pressed the taunt muscle there. She then ran her hand down to Nicole’s right breast and softly massaged it. She ran her fingers over Nicole’s now erect nipples and caressed them with the palm of her hand. Nicole squirmed with pleasure in her seat, her own hand now covering her mother’s, helping her knead her breasts enjoying the sensations that were now coursing through her body.

Mick looked across, his erect cock was now twitching at the sight.

Fiona moved over and sat on the edge of Nicole’s sunlounge. She gently cupped her daughter’s head in her hands and softly planted her lips on Nicole’s. Nicole’s mouth opened and Fiona darted her tongue deep inside. Fiona and Nicole were now locked in a passionate embrace, their heads twisting and plunging passionately as their lips locked and they exchanged the sweet fluids of their mouths.

Mick’s hand found its way to his cock and he slowly stroked it, captivated by the sight before him.

Fiona broke away from Nicole’s lips and slowly moved down to her neck lingering there as she licked the salty perspiration building there. She then kissed her way to Nicole’s breasts and took her stiff left nipple into her mouth and sucked forcefully, her tongue lashing against the firm skin.

Soon Fiona was licking the silky skin of Nicole’s smooth stomach, her tongue nipping into Nicole’s bellybutton. After a moment lingering there, Fiona had arrived at Nicole’s quivering pussy. Expertly, she enveloped Nicole’s cunt with her mouth, sucking and probing, her tongue flicking her daughter’s clitoris, causing her to buck uncontrollably. Nicole was breathing heavily and was holding her mother’s head hard against her drenched pussy. Harder and harder Fiona pressed, not prepared to stop her sucking until Nicole collapsed with a shuddering surge of energy that enveloped her entire body. Her pelvis heaved and fell and Fiona maintained her lock on her love tunnel. Nicole could not suppress the scream that came with her quivering orgasm and her deep, primal shriek was evidence of the extreme pleasure that she was experiencing.

In a swift move, Nicole rolled her mother off the sunlounge and onto the ground beside it. She parted Fiona’s legs and planted her own mouth onto her mother’s cunt. Fiona had no intention of stopping her own assault on Nicole’s pussy, so they found themselves in the sixty nine position, frantically sucking each other’s clits. It was a sight to behold. Mick had been stroking his cock for about ten minutes, enjoying every second of the sight unfolding before him. My own cock had risen to attention, but I resisted fondling it as I had a better plan. I was saving myself to stick my rock hard cock up my daughter’s cunt as I knew she would be begging for more action after her mother had finished with her.

Nicole’s passion was off the scale. She had replaced her tongue with her fingers and they were now exploring deep into her mother’s pussy. Two fingers, now three thrust back and forth as Fiona spread her legs as wide as possible to accommodate Nicole’s hand. Nicole folded her thumb into the palm of her hand and now squeezed four fingers into Fiona’s well lubricated cunt. With a quick thrust, Nicole’s entire fist disappeared as she rolled her hand deep inside. Twisting and thrusting her hand back and forth had Fiona writhing with pleasure. It was now her turn to experience a body shuddering orgasm, which she did as her chest rose and fell rhythmically. Exhausted, she rolled away from Nicole. Beads of sweat had formed on her chest as she lay there panting.

Nicole rolled onto her back as well, drained by the exertion of her fisting.

Mick and I looked on open mouthed. Nothing could have prepared us for what we had just witnessed. It felt an honour to experience the unbridled joy and passion that these special women had provided. Certainly, our bodies had responded as we both sported huge erections, that were calling to be relieved.

I looked across to Nicole and she had raised herself on her elbows and was looking directly at me.

“Fuck me daddy, stick that cock up my cunt,” she begged.

I moved towards her, my prick rock hard. Nicole spread her legs, the setting sun was reflecting off the glistening cum that was dribbling profusely from her swollen pussy. My cock slid in easily. Her love juices were warm as I thrust deep, causing a squelching sound accentuating the fact that her love tunnel was awash with her moisture. She gripped my shoulders and dragged me closer and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. The scent of sex was thick in the air as I pumped long and hard.

“Mick, “I heard Fiona call out. “Fuck me.” Fiona too was lying on her back, legs spreadeagled, her cunt impatiently awaiting Mick’s massive cock to devour her. In an instant he was upon her, her pussy soaked and ready to easily take every inch he offered her. Mick thrust deep then slowly withdrew, the tip of his cock teasing Fiona’s clit before he again rammed home and repeated his action. Fiona was in heaven as she lay surprisingly still as Mick ravaged her.

“I’m cumming honey,” I cried as the sheer intensity of the situation had me ready to explode into Nicole’s cunt. An orgasm built in my balls and it grew and grew and released, exploding cum deep into Nicole’s pussy. I felt her pussy muscles grip my cock and the feeling was mindblowing as she milked every ounce of cum from my pulsating cock. I collapsed on her chest and I could feel her heart beating furiously. She could hardly breath and nor could I for that matter. We lay side by side completely spent by our lovemaking.

Only a matter of feet from me, I could see Mick’s arse rising and falling as he was pounding my wife’s pussy. I felt absolutely no jealousy, only delight that she was enjoying no strings attached sexual pleasure. The happiness of the two most important people in my life was all that mattered.

It was not long before Mick too had succumbed to the exhilaration of the moment. With a loud grunt he filled Fiona’s pussy with his load. He too collapsed on top of her and they held each other in a tight embrace as they tried to compose themselves.

The sun was setting and I had promised Mick a meal of fish on the bbq. In all honesty, I was not up to it.

“How about a takeaway Thai, “I suggested

The decision was unanimous, takeaway it would be as I made my way to the fridge for some more drinks.

Everyone found their way back to a sunlounge to recover from the thrill of the moment. We all sat naked and in silence.

I’m not sure Mick will want to go home. Certainly, he is welcome anytime. He is polite, fun and an absolute legend as a lover.

The food will be a while so another swim is in order as even though the sun was setting the temperature had hardly dropped. It will be nice to cool off and clean up.