Sometimes, when I am supposed to be asleep, my sweet, kind, gentle boyfriend lays his head on my stomach as he dreams. It is during those late night hours, as my partner and I nestle into our cozy bed, that I softly stroke his dirty-blonde hair and look at porn. Hardcore porn.

This isn’t your average run-of-the-mill porn either, folks. No, for some ungodly reason it’s usually tentacles- ones that grip a squirming girl by her ankles and wrists, slithering up her creases as she wines in Japanese- that really get me going.

It isn’t the size of the trapped girls bouncing, milky, perfect breasts- ones so large that they could be considered a dangerous weapon in some countries. Nor, is it the length of the pulsating tendrils that snake their way up the crying girls naval, into her blouse while still caressing her thigh at the seam of a paper thin skirt- tickling up to her panties.

Instead, it’s the overwhelming sense of helplessness radiating off of the captive girl, that sends shivers up my spine. My pussy quakes from the inescapable sense of submission that eventually radiates off of the weak girls skin. Because, as she relaxes, as she lets her fate be molded by forces that are not her own, a wave of pleasure surges through her body and she explodes in an intense moment of pure, sticky, passion-filled love.

Ugh, I wish I was her. It’s not that my real life sexual health is lacking, per-say, but it isn’t exactly- what’s the right word… hm, oh that’s it- ✨orgasmic✨.

Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is wonderful. He makes me laugh, he’s an amazing chef, he’s brilliant and funny, he communicates like a motherfuckin’ champion, and above all we make a great team. But, for some reason, I cannot help but think, “what if?” I cannot help but dream up an impossible scenario that haunts my nights with sleepy sighs and moans.

Maybe tonight I’ll dream of a man on the street, smoking a cigarette as I walk by. He sees me blush as I sweep past him, on my way back from an evening class, and I can feel his eyes undress me as I go by. This is when he takes his chance. I hear the sharp sound of fingers snapping behind me, and as I round the corner a cement wall smacks my nose. Not an actual wall, but one made up of a well dressed, attractive looking man about the size of a bull moose.

Maybe that man would grab my arms and put a hand over my mouth, turning me around so my back pressed against his strong chest. Maybe the tall, slender gentleman would stroll over from the wall he was leaning against, stomping out his cigarette as he approaches. I would squirm, kick, bite, and scream muffled profanities at my captors. Maybe they would only laugh at my pathetic attempt yo flee, but maybe after the amusement wore off, they would strike me hard enough to shut me up….

Now I’m really getting carried away. I can already feel my pussy warming and pulsating in my panties. I want touch myself so bad, I want to release this urge that is building up inside me. I want to relax under a wave of climax crashing down over me- but I can’t do that. I can’t because I don’t want to wake my boyfriend over here, who just so happens to be snoring into my belly button.

Hopefully, when I close my eyes, I can continue this little story for myself in my dreams. So many possibilities, so much to explore! The dark, handsome man could grab my chin and examine my features before deciding to whisk me away to his secret ski lodge in the mountains. Maybe he could try to break me, spending weeks torturing and training my stubborn body into obedience. Maybe one day I would give into him, after months and months of pain that gave way to passion and intense pleasure. Maybe he would keep me as his concubine- his free-use, right-hand gal that needs a firm hand to keep her line….

Or maybe I need some sleep. I can close my eyes and hope that by morning, my slumbering boyfriend will have learned of my darkest desires purely through osmosis. I may never be able to confess these shameful thoughts out loud, because lord knows he would leave me for the kinky slut I am.

Sweet dreams, babes 💕