I want to try something different.

My eyes slowly open from a deep sleep, the kind where you still feel drowsy when you wake up. I’m staring at the ceiling in my bedroom and I’m freezing cold. The fog lifts immediately when I realize I’m completely naked and I can’t move my arms or legs. They’re tied to the corners of the bed and my cock is as stiff as a board just sticking straight up. Throbbing. I can feel my fucking pulse in it. I wrench and pull at the ropes to no avail. “I thought you’d never wake up.” She was sitting in the corner of the room, looking up over her phone. “I’ve been watching this over and over. You want to see?”
“Who the fuck are you?”
“Don’t be silly daddy, you know who I am. I’m your baby girl.”
She giggles as she stands up. Her nipples point through her white baby tee that’s cut off just above her belly button, which instantly guides my eyes down to a plaid school girl skirt. She skips over to the bed. “I want to show you this.” I’m speechless as she climbs onto the bed and begins to straddle me. “Mmmmm.” She moans as her ass rubs against my cock and she grinds against it for a moment. I can feel her wetness against my crotch. She was soaked. “Such… a good… cock.” She reaches behind her, giving it a squeeze. “You’re wife is so lucky.”
“What the fuck is this?”
“Just wait… daddy.” She taps her finger to her phone and turns it around for me to see. A video starts to play. It’s porn. It’s a tight frame of a cock sliding in and out of a girls ass. “That’s it, daddy, fuck that ass hard.” The frame opens up and you can now see the girl is wearing a red skirt and it’s flipped up onto her back. My eyes go wide. She continues to moan as her butt jiggles with each thrust up her ass. No… that can’t be. “Uuuunnghh… Tell her you don’t love her… any more, daddy.” The video pans up and it’s clear as day. I’m the one fucking the girl in the video. “I don’t love you anymore, Kate.” I bite my lip and keep thrusting, harder and harder. “That’s it, daddy! Show her!” She turns the phone around and taps the screen. The sound stops. “She should have never left you alone for the weekend… All alone.” Her finger tip taps my nose as if to put a period on the sentence. She tosses the phone to the side on the bed, and she leans down to lay her head on my chest, almost lovingly. “I don’t want to send that to Kate. It gets much filthier from there.” She closes her eyes and sighs as her head rises and falls with my chest. “So here’s what we’re going to do”…