I wield my vorpal sword in one hand, sturdy shield in the other. The leather strap securing the shield to my arm grips my grieves tightly, plate mail holding strong through the battle. The mage I’d been called upon to vanquish is powerful, but nothing a practiced paladin such as myself can’t handle. I close the distance between us, blocking a colorful variety of spells cast against me, each one deflecting harmlessly off my shield. Until…

A loud ‘_crack_’ rings out, my arm bucking painfully into my chest as my shield breaks apart. Electricity arcs between the shattered fragments as they fall away, and I roll to the side in an attempt to dodge another bit of magic. Fortunately a large rock stands nearby, providing plenty of cover, and just enough time for me to devise a plan. I heal myself with a touch, utter a prayer to my benevolent god, and dive around the boulder sword at the ready! But, _nothing is there_?

The evil mage has vanished, teleported away like a coward. I scan the area for any sign of movement, then sheath my sword. My eyes fall to the broken remains of my trusty shield. The sigil of my deity lays in two halves, another sin for which this scourge shall pay. I gather up the two pieces and put them in my bag. Perhaps I can find a good smith to repair it, or fashion a new one.

The mage’s lair stands before me, all signs of magic having ceased with his departure. I draw my sword again before entering, just in case. His walls are lined with shelves packed with books, scrolls, potions, and ingredients. Many mixtures sit in various stages of completion, and I send them all to the floor. Colored fumes rise from their ruin, but I don’t pay it any attention while searching deeper into the shack. Crystals decorate the shelves in a round room, surrounding a pit. An old, decrepit staircase spirals down into the darkness, strange green light coming from some subterranean place. I take a crystal from the shelf, one glowing a pink aura.

A sudden noise behind me makes me whirl around, sword raised in one hand, crystal held out in the other. I don’t have enough time to react to a powerful ray of frost sweeping through me, chilling me to the bone. My hands tense up, same as every other muscle in my body, and bright pink lightning surges around and into me. I fall to my knees as a laugh echoes throughout the lair, “Did you really think _you_ could best me?” The mage seems to materialize before me, and I find myself completely unable to move. The cold and electricity have paralyzed me, arms outstretched, back arched, legs painfully tensed. He levels his staff at me, and with some muttered incantation I slam backwards, over the pit and into the wall. A fireball shoots from his staff, exploding into me before I’m allowed to fall.

My damaged armor takes most of the punishment for me on the way down, chunks ripping loose and falling away as I crash through and bounce along the weathered stairs. I land hard on the dirt surface below, easily a thirty foot drop. It’s difficult to move, but I manage to rise to my knees and assess the damage. Most of my armor has been ripped away, and I have no idea where my sword ended up, but the tingling crystal is still in my hand. Surges of electricity ripple through me, and I find that I can’t drop the object. And there’s something else. Despite being mostly undressed following my fall, bare skin exposed to the cool environment, I feel a growing warmth. Tingling, a kind of urge emanating from between my legs. A moan slips from my lips, unfamiliar sensations gripping me as the green light pulses from behind.

The mage is next to me before I realized he was coming. “_Ooh_,” he cooed. “A lady knight, here to make a name for herself?”

Rage built inside. “Pa-,” I start. The sensations intensify when I try correcting him. I sit on my heels, and my free hand absentmindedly falls to my groin. The platemail codpiece was thankfully still intact, the only thing keeping me from seeking carnal pleasures. Now is _certainly_ not the time to break any of my sacred vows, let alone chastity.

“Ah, a paladin.” He said it in a derogatory manner. My eyes locked into his defiantly, teeth gritted as my legs started to tremble. “I suppose that will make this more fun,” he added, voice dripping in malice.

I gasped as I was lifted from the ground by some unseen force. It carried me back into the green light, the mage following behind. He twisted his staff in one hand as we walked, more pieces of my armor and tattered clothing tearing away. _What did he mean by “more fun_,” I wondered. _And_ ___what___ _is he planning to do to me?_ I wouldn’t have to wait long to find out, the invisible force pushing me onto a stone altar in the middle of the room. Glowing emeralds in the walls provided the light, more pink crystals extending from the ceiling directly over the altar. The mage secured my arms and legs with thick, heavy manacles, then took the crystal from my hand. A heaviness I hadn’t even noticed left my chest the instant the crystal was gone.

“Where am I? What are you going to do to me?” I shouted the questions in a doomed attempt to intimidate him, but the trembling in my voice made it impossible to sound tough. That, and being chained to a table, naked, in his own lair.

“_Where_? My home. _What_? __Whatever__ I want.” He teased me with his answers, and that just made my anger (and fear) build. “And what I want, more than the brutal, bloody, horrific death of any intruder, is to corrupt those with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude.” He smirked at me, placing the crystal above my navel before dragging his hand down my belly. His fingers scratched their way down, and I jerked against my chains as unfamiliar pleasure washed through me. The wooden staff he’d been holding moments before hovered at his shoulder as his second hand came to rest on my chest. He squeezed my breast hard, and brushed the fingers of his other hand down the soft lips of my pussy.

“_Ooh_, someone’s already _drooling_ in anticipation,” he teased, sliding his fingers up and down my wet folds. My body flexed as spasms shook through me, the unwanted touching building some pressure deep within. His staff began to vibrate, and the soft warmth resonating from the crystal on my belly intensified. I looked down at the sudden heat, another jolt of electricity surging through me, and saw it grow. It’s size increased steadily until it covered my entire midriff, spreading down my sides and connecting me to the altar. The mage noticed too, and moved away. I was almost relieved to have his hands off me, but something inside demanded more. Some deep, primal urge wanted his touching to continue, and that need was growing almost as fast as the crystal. It stretched up to my tender breasts, and down to my aching pussy, and my arms and legs strained against their restraints. This just made them restrict further, until my arms were bound over my head, legs pulled down until my heels pressed against the side of the altar. I was completely at the mercy of this warming crystal as it encased me in a pulsating tomb of desire.

My dripping sex became covered, continuous, stimulating shocks teasing my labia and clit as the warmth built. My body tensed as the crystal spread, pleasure and desperation for unknown release building painfully when it passed my breasts. My nipples burned beneath the crystal, electrical surges extending from both hardened areas all the way down to my tortured clit. Every pulse from the crystal sent a renewed jolt through me, increasing my need. It finally stopped covering me when all that was left uncovered were my face, hands, and feet. My arms and legs had been enveloped, pinned to the altar beneath this damned object as it inspired a new torture.

_I can’t keep this up_, I thought, teeth and eyes clenched painfully, tears trailing from my eyes back into my hair. My body shook with each horrid pulse of the crystal, on the verge of orgasm as my climax grew ever higher. It refused to arrive, no matter how high it reached, shocks sending it beyond reason.

“Some men have been caught in this thing.” The voice breaks my concentration, and my moan catches me by surprise. “_Wonderful_, isn’t it?” the mage taunted me before continuing, “Some of the wannabe heros in your predicament came. Over and over, right on that altar. Many felt stimulation so intense, their erections growing so incredibly hard, they ruptured.” He smiled at me, and I looked away in determined disdain. That’s when I saw the crystal had grown up, too. Into the formation descending from the ceiling over me. They’d combined into one, massive structure, and I watched pulses of light flash across and throughout as they fell from the ceiling, down the rigid length of the crystal, and into me. “I wonder what’ll happen to you?”

That’s when it happened. Sweat had been beading up along my stimulated flesh, and as the next jolt rippled through me, I shook to the side. My glistening body slipped beneath the crystal, nipples sliding under their smooth surface, tormented pussy rubbing against the wall between my legs. My body erupted in orgasm, powerful, agonizing waves of climactic pleasure crashing through me as I spasmed and writhed on the altar. The crystal responded with a sudden volley of pulses, forcing my body through a maddening level of pleasure. My uncontrollable shrieks echoed off the walls as I lost myself in climax.

I hardly even registered hands grasping my head, the words from the mage little more than garbled nonsense for all I knew. There was no resistance on my part when I felt something warm and all too bitter slide into my mouth. My screams grew muffled, then cut out entirely when the probing object hit the back of my throat. His musk flooded my senses as he forced the thing deeper, pushing it beyond whatever barrier he encountered in my throat. It seemed to have endless length, sliding deeper and deeper, feeling as though it would sink all the way into my stomach! I was somewhat relieved when I felt something press into my hair, and his progress into me came to a halt. What little relief I may have felt was short lived, when despite the ever intensifying orgasm burning through my body, I felt him pull back moments before slamming back into me. The thing in my throat plunged away while disabling my ability to breathe.

Somewhere in the oppressive fog of climax, a part of me worried that this, _this_ is how I die. Violated beyond comprehension, with some mystically endowed mage suffocates me. I had screamed much of the air from my lungs before he plugged my throat, and wouldn’t be able to maintain this already weak excuse of consciousness for long. Perhaps that isn’t the worst thing, this is probably not a death I’d want to be awake for anyway. The world began to spin around me, my body began to slip from unimaginable ecstasy, fading to the numbness while the phallus in my throat seemed to actually get thicker. He pushed as deep as he could, my neck straining under (and around) him. I could vaguely feel, somewhere miles below my suffocating lips, something pulsing, gushing into my belly.

Just before losing my grasp on the waking world altogether, the long, thick thing began pulling away. Thick residue was left in its wake, bitter flavor coating my tongue before finally popping free. I took long, labored breaths despite myself, lungs burning as they processed the air filled them. My vision was a blur when I dared open my eyes, body mostly numb save for the disembodied pleasures still racking me. The crystal was no longer pulsing, the intense light now constant as it forced my orgasm ever higher. I was now also suspended upside-down over the altar, the shackles broken beneath me. A distant panic tried to well up inside, but feelings seemed unimportant at the moment. I simply stared blankly, not registering the mage before me as my view turned pink under the crystal.

I didn’t even notice the crystallized growth between my legs, even though it was filling me completely. The magical crystal had spread around, and into me, spreading my pussy wider enough to make any brothel prostitute weak in the knees, reaching all the way to my womb. It grew inside, giving me the image of a heavily pregnant woman, the one penetrating my ass adding to the illusion. I don’t know how long I was in there, or who was more surprised at what emerged from the chrysalis. The mage fell quickly, bleeding out and screaming when I tore away his magically enhanced manhood. My pink flesh resisted every feeble spell he was able to try, only engaging me further. I smiled down at him as his life drained away, the only remorse that I hadn’t fucked him first. I was vengeful, but ___sooo___ _very horny_ now, standing over his corpse with his shriveling cock in my hand.

I leapt from the pit with little effort, only mild surprise at the formerly impossible feat. My eyes fell to the vorpal sword, once my most trusted asset. Anger boiled inside when my hand burned as I grasped the hilt. Whatever happened to me down there turned me into some creature incapable of even touching this holy weapon. I found a reflective dish in what I could only assume to be some crude kitchen. My skin was as pink as the crystals that had devoured me. Small crystals protruded ornately on my chest, over breasts much larger than I had before. Easily the size of ripened cantaloupes, with one near violet nipple on each. More crystals glittered across my chiseled abs and down my thighs, pleasant muscles bulging in my arms and legs. My body shimmered in the light, and I couldn’t help but smile. I had full, blue-violet lips, breathtaking magenta eyes, more ornate patterns of crystal along my brow, and long red-violet hair cascading from my scalp.

A brief sob broke the silence around me. I’d never seen a creature so beautiful in all my life. And here she was, looking back at me in the reflection. _My_ reflection! The pitiful gods I’ve served in the past were nothing, all vows long forgotten. I don’t know what god I should serve moving forward, but I’m damn sure going to share this body with the world. Hell, with my looks and new abilities, I’ll be a god myself. Legions of men will bow before me, _worship_ me at my altar. Anything for a chance to have such a beauty for one night.

I leave the miserable shack in ruin, every potion and book shattered and torn within its burning walls. The nearest town is just a few miles away, won’t take me long to arrive. And then? _Let my reign begin_.