=== ***Alana*** ===

It feels like home. It feels like family. I’ve always wanted something like this, when I was younger, but *papa* was working a lot to support me in school.

I’ve seen the *teleserya* with big family gatherings and celebration. But my *papa* and I were by ourselves. His family and my late mother’s family were all back in South America, and there was no way for them to get to us. I don’t know why my *papa* and *mama* left, I think it’s for a better life; but at what cost, though.

But she has a big family, and it feels so warm and inviting.

Her mom found me, alone, and so she sat with me.

“*Iha* are you okay? You’re in tears!”

“Huh?” I wiped my cheeks, and I did find tears. I hastily wiped them away, sniffling a little. “It’s nothing, I’m okay *tita*”

“Oh, it is always something. You do not just cry for no reason. Tell me, I listen.”

She pulled up a chair next to me, “my Roxanna is not mean to you, is she?”

“Oh, no!” I laughed, “well, she was but not anymore.”

I told her about my family, how it’s just me and my dad, and my mom passing away when she gave birth to me. How my father worked himself just to support me, and how he was unable to teach me proper Spanish. I told her about how jealous I am of her big family, and how warm they are and how I’ve always wanted something like that for myself.

All in all, Rox’s family is how I wanted my family to be like, growing up.

“Ah, yes big family. But it is not always good, *iha*. See, because of our religious view, a few of our family did not like us. So we had a lot of fights with my brother and his sister. It took us some time to accept this new way of life, I just say to myself ‘they are not bothering me, it’s okay!’ And as long as they are happy, it is fine!”

She took my hand and softly clapped it. “Listen, *iha*, if you’re happy it’s all that matters! Me and my husband is happy if Roxanna is happy.”

“What’s happening here?”

Her mother and I looked up to find Rox with a face that tells us that she’s, first of all, scared of what we’re talking about. Second of all, scared of what her mother has, potentially, revealed to me. Lastly, scared of what her mother’s trying to pry out from me.

“Oh, nothing *anak* we were just talking about –”

“About how awesome of a girlfriend you are! I was just telling *tita* that you’re so loving and caring, that I’m so lucky to have you in my life!”

She looked at us with suspicious eyes, nodding slowly as she walked away. When she came back with another bear for me, her mother winked at me and left.


“So, what were you and my mother talking about?”Midnight is starting to close in on us and the visitors started to peter off. The only ones left behind are her family, and at this time we’re just helping with the clean up.

She and I got tasked with washing the dishes, her with the rinsing and the scrubbing while I dried them off with a towel. We got to talking, usually about mundane stuff about what we’re going to bring back home or what we’ll do tomorrow. The two of us got lost in the conversation and before we know it we’re just talking like how we always did, unfiltered and uncaring of what goes on around us.

“Do you think Chris will like dried fish? Or the smell?” Rox asked.

“Dried fish? I think it’s better to cook it outside of the house, you know, so the smell doesn’t linger inside,” I said, “I haven’t had any, but I’ll try anything once.”

“Yeah, like how you tried Chris for the first time?” she laughed. I gasped playfully as I lightly smacked her with the towel. “Bella told me about that, you know!”

“That was supposed to be a secret! At least I didn’t beg for it,” I countered and now it’s her turn and she splashed me with water. “That wasn’t a good look for you, by the way,” I laughed and she scoffed.

“Not my fault,” she said, “I mean, most of the guys at school we’re pretentious jerks who rode on mom and dad’s coat tails. You guys were the only ones who seems to have it together, you know.”

“And you ruined that for yourself,” I added, and she nodded bitterly, “don’t worry about it, babe, alright? Stop beating yourself up over what happened in high school.”

“I can’t help but wonder how we could have been if I wasn’t such a bitch to you,” she said with a sniffle, “I mean, we could have been better friends. We could have been so much closer compared to now.”

“Babe, you had different ideals back then, okay? Even a couple of months ago, you were so nervous about coming back to your parent’s and seeing what they’ll think of your choices. Don’t worry about the past, worry about the future but don’t lose track of the present!”

She kind of gently nudged me with her shoulder, and I did so as well then, she smiled and laughed softly. We didn’t realize that her family was looking at us, making little commentaries and such, softly laughing.

=== ***Roxanne*** ===

Since there aren’t any room for Alana and I to sleep in separate rooms, the obvious choice was for me and my brothers to sleep in one room, their wives to sleep in another and for Alana to have her own room.

Which would have been a hilarious take on all of this.

No, she and I slept in the same room. We’re all adults here, not children anymore, so what happened behind closed doors is no one’s business but whoever’s behind the doors.

We called up Chris, on facetime, to find him on his bed, of course with Belle lying next to him.

“Hey, girls, how are you two doing?” he asked with a bright smile on his face. He panned his phone over so his and Bella’s face can be on the screen and we did the same.

“Oh, we’re fine! How’s the house?” I asked while Alana scooched in a little bit closer.

“The house is okay. Things got a little complex with Alexa’s friend Anya, but we worked it out,” he said with a heavy sigh. Belle started kissing his neck softly, and he had to pull her away by her hair. We could see her playfully biting the air between them until he let her go and she went back to kissing his neck. “As you can see, she’s as horny as ever.”

“When is she not aroused?” I laughed, “and she has two less girls to compete for your time too, so I bet she’s uncontrollable right now.”

“Hey, I can control myself just fine!” Belle shot back, “besides, Alexa is just as horny as I am.”

“Any news?” Alana asked and Chris and Belle looked at one another.

“Um… the wedding. It’s going to be next month,” Chris said, “so Roxxy, you can invite your parents over if you want, as long as they’re cordial.”

“Oh yeah, guess what Chris! Rox’s parents here, they don’t give a shit if she’s gay! Can you believe that!? All the shit she gave me in high school, and there’s nothing here!” Alana laughed.

“Wow, nice! So there’s no animosity or anything! That’s good!” Chris said cheerily, “that means you two can be open with your parents!”

“Chris, we’ll be back in a couple of days. You know exactly what we want, right?”

He just smiled, “I’ll see you two then. Love you both!”


As we lay there, wondering about what’s been happening with our lives, wondering what’s in store for us in the future. Sure, she and I are in a relationship; but can we last? I mean, I want to. I would like to build a family with her.

She turned her back to me, she always did like sleeping on her left side. I crept in closer to her, letting my hand drift down her smooth thigh, and underneath the straps of her thong.

“Babe! We’re in your parent’s home!” she hissed at me as I felt her hand over mine. My other hand went underneath her torso and closed around her.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never dreamed of going around your parent’s back, getting with your girlfriend,” I softly said unto her ears, then playfully licking the edge of it. “I know you’ve been holding yourself back. I mean, you’re plenty wet already.”

My hands snaked its way down the front part of her crotch, feeling her wet slit clinging against her thong. She whimpered while my other hand starting going up her shirt, finally finding her nice, supple breast and squeezing them softly.

“Rox! I…”

“Shh, you and I don’t get to do this often,” I told her, “how often are we going to have sex in our parent’s home?”

“But…!” she continued to protest.

“Shh, shh, shh!”

She craned her face behind so she can look at me and our lops found one another again. She felt so warm around me, so inviting, and I couldn’t help myself. Usually, Alana is in charge, but I guess, seeing as she’s in my parent’s place, she wanted to respect the household.

But I don’t care. I want her.

My finger’s pushed her southern lips apart and I started slowly rubbing the lips up and down. Her soft whimpers were like music to my ears, and her ass grinding against my own crotch started to make me feel more aroused than ever. My other hand started to softly pinch her erect nipples and gently flick it, making her squeak from time to time. I started kissing her neck while she gently moaned, her hands holding onto my wrists in a feigned attempt at fighting me off.

“We can’t!” she whispered, but her eager eyes told me otherwise. “Your parents!”

“Shh, baby, I know you’re just as horny as I am. Don’t hold yourself back just because we’re on a vacation, and you and I both know we need this.”

Her feigned attempt at protest eventually turned into her hands pushing my own into her harder. Her moans became just a touch louder, and her pussy started to squeeze my fingers.

Then, just like Alana, she got up onto her knees quickly, spread my legs apart as she pulled off my thong. Then, her’s came off as well. She slid herself onto me, with her tank top bunched up over her breast, with a wide grin. “You brought this to yourself, babe,” came a chilling statement, “don’t blame me.”

She dove down to my pussy, spreading my lips apart with her finger and shoving her tongue roughly. I moaned with surprise as my hands went to the back of her head, pushing her down onto me as she ate me out.

“God, you’re so good!” I moaned, not even caring how loud I said those words, “Suck my clit! Eat me out! Harder!”

Her lips wrapped around my clit, just like how Chris’ would, and she sucked on my clit softly, then roughly, and she would prod it with her tongue. Her fingers went in and out of my pussy and she rubbed the roof and walls of my vagina, pressing against one of my feel-good spots. Her other hand disappeared in between her legs as she rubbed her own clit.

I squeezed my own breast while softly biting the tip of my index finger. When she finally came up, her face is wet with my own juices as she kissed me. I could taste me, a familiar taste, and I grabbed her tight, fat ass while we made out.

Then, she started rubbing her crotch against my own. I looked at her and she looked at me while our genitals rubbed against one another.

“Is… Is that?” I asked and she nodded. Our clit rubbed against one another, and I could feel that familiar heat starting to build up. “Oh, faster, babe! Faster!” I said as her crotch and my own rubbed against one another fast and hard. She bent down and started sucking on my tits while clawing at my thighs.

“Where… Where did you learn this from?” I asked her and she covered my mouth.

“That’s a secret, babe, just enjoy it,” she grinned happily as she released me. Our crotch continued to grind against one another and that heat building up within me wanted to explode. It wanted to be let out, to be released into a satisfied scream.

And so I did. She and I looked at one another. I felt it. She felt it, and together we came. Fluids started to leak out form our pussy, coating our thighs with it.

I shuddered and moaned while she shakily got up and went to her bag. She then came back with two things in her hand: A pink, crooked looking vibrator with straps and a rather large dildo.

“I don’t think you’ve met him, but Chris, meet Rox,” she said with a wide smile, “and you’ve met Beatrix.”

“You named them?” came my shocked reply and she nodded eagerly, “and why Chris!?”

“Long story short, when Chris and I had sex the first time, this big guy kept me company while I looked for a boyfriend. Obviously I didn’t find one,” she sighed, “and you’ve met Beatrix!”

Yes, I remember that. It hooked into her pussy while the longer piece could be inserted into mine. But what is she planning, though?

Well, she donned the straps and inserted the shorter end into her pussy while the longer one went into mine. The way it curved upwards made it touch my spots, and when she turned the damn thing one I could already start feeling myself get lost in the pleasure. The other dildo playfully went into between my breast and she drew it up and down.

“Just pretend he’s here, babe,” she said as she slowly thrust in and out of me, “that’s what I did.”

‘Chris’ slid in between my breast so I sandwiched it while I sucked on the head. I imagined that loveable hunk just tit-fucking me, holding my hear and making me gag with his giant cock. Meanwhile, Alana is moaning softly while she slowly thrusts in me, then she pressed a button that made both of us damn near scream.

“I… fo-fo-forgot… it’s on max… settings,” she stuttered and laughed as she turned down the dial. My pussy ached for a bit as it clenched and squeezed the pink plastic.

Eventually the dildo made its way into my mouth, making me slobber all over it while she gently fucks me, and she would lean down and suck my tits from time to time. “M-My turn,” I softly mewled out and she nodded at me as she took the straps off. But I didn’t want to use that thing, though.

As she laid herself back, I gently tease her clit with ‘Chris’, gently rubbing it against her little pink button.

“Wait, you’re not gonna use Beatrix?” she asked, and I shook my head. I planted my crotch near her face, and she reached up and gently rubbed it while I continued teasing her. I started licking her little, pink clit while simultaneously slowly thrusting the dildo inside her, and I could feel her tightness start to diminish and her moans become a little louder.

“Oh, Rox, baby that feel’s so good! Keep going, babe, keep going!”

She grabbed my ass and pulled my hip down more, letting her enjoy my pussy while I did the same with her. We rolled over to the side so she’s on top now, which allows her to eat me out a little better.

I’ve always envied her, how she could be so open to herself and her friends. I resented the fact that I felt trapped by my religious parents. That the threats of being disowned is so real. But when I thought about it, there never was any sort of threats or anything. Did I just imagine it? I went by the fact that they’re strict in their religious views, but looking back they really weren’t. Was it all imagined?

I need to push those thoughts away. I need to focus on the now. Alana is here, with me, and I know I love her. I know that she loves me.

“What’s wrong babe?” She asked and I finally snapped out of my self imposed deep thoughts.

“It’s nothing,” I answered as I gently rubbed her cheeks. Before she could speak, I pulled her in close for another kiss so our juices can mix together.

I grabbed her ass and my other hand went to the back of her head. Her hands went to my waist and around my hips. She felt so good around me, and I felt so secure in what we have.

“Marry me,” I said out of the blue and she looked at me in shock.

“Babe! Come on!” She shrieked with surprise. She got up and went to her bag and produced a little box. “I wanted to ask you that!”

I smiled widely as my hand disappeared into a drawer and I took out a box too. She gave me a look of both shock, happiness and relief.

“I wanted to ask you,” I told her, “I wanted to ask you before you could ask me.”

She laid down next to me and rests her head against my chest, with her brushing her fingernail against my abdomen.

I looked at the box, sitting within my grasp. She looked at hers. She opened it to reveal a really nice ring, with a Diamond on top that shined brightly. I opened mine to reveal my own Diamond, slightly smaller than hers.

“No fair,” I said, “yours is bigger.”

She clicked her tongue and presented her left hand, which I slowly slid the ring in. I did the same and she put her ring around my finger.

“It looks beautiful,” she said as she held her hand before her, “I love it.”

Before I could even say anything, my eyes started to water. “I love it too,” I said, half sobbing, and she embraced me.

I’m damn sure we weren’t supposed to propose to one another like this. I am damn sure it was supposed to be more grandiose.

But right now, it felt perfect.


The rest of our vacation were spent with laughter and many hugs as Alana and I revealed our engagement. We went to Orlando for Disney World and Universal Studios, and Tampa for Busch Garden.

My father, however, decided to put his foot down.

“Now, I have always wanted to have my daughter be asked like the old ways back home.”

“*Ay, mahal* that is so old fashioned!” My mother berated him, but he’s stubborn.

“No! I did it for you when we were kids, so I expect Alana to do it for my daughter!” He grunted.

Of course, my father is talking about *harana*.

“*Harana*? You mean like the instrument that looks like a guitar?” Alana guessed but my father shook his head.


So I’m sitting by the window, on the second floor. Just looking at the stars and wondering what the fuck my father is doing.

Then, the gentle strums of a guitar came to my ears. I opened my window to find Alana, outside, with Raul playing the guitar.

*Harana* is a traditional serenade where the one who courts, in this case Alana, sings for me to try and woo me. Usually they’re accompanied by their best friend and usually a guitar is played. This is more common in the rural areas of the Philippines, but it’s outdated and old fashioned.

“I’m supposed to sing?” Alana asked my brother and he nodded.

So she sang. She’s always been a good singer, and she sang from the heart. I felt her intent truly, and she sang something in Spanish. I’m not sure what it is, but I suspect her father taught it to her.

When it’s all said and done, I ran down and leapt into her arms and hugged her. “That was good?” She asked.

“That was perfect,” I said and she hugged me tightly.

“See! I told you it would be romantic!” My father bellowed.

~ The End ~