**1: Backyard Party**

*It was a very sunny day and it’s swimming lesson day for my son, Charlie, and his swimming instructor, Paige. For the past three Saturdays, she’s normally here around 7am to start their session—considerably early since she lives just across our house. This day was supposed to be the same but it is now half past seven and I am starting to worry she wouldn’t come—maybe because we had sex in my clinic yesterday while my wife is at home.*

– – – – – – – – – –

***|Saturday, first full day in new neighborhood***

“Hey, love. I made us breakfast. Fancier than usual since the kids are still asleep,” my wife said to me as I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I put out a small side smile as I gazed at the plate of bacon and avocado toast with a cup of foamy coffee on its side, both looking like props for a lifestyle magazine.

She then smiled with her lips thinning to a straight line before getting back at cooking the sunny side-up eggs.

I took a sip off the coffee and remarked, “Coffee’s good.”“Thank you,” she uttered in a poker face as she serves the eggs before proceeding to sit in front of me.

We ate in silence for almost ten minutes and I was on my last bite before she breaks the silence, “I have a good feeling about this place.”

“Yeah, me too,” I replied casually. I may not have sound interested, but I actually do think so.

We’ve bought this house a month ago and during the entire time I’ve been coming back and forth to this town to finalize it before we completely move in, I felt safe and surrounded by thoughtful neighbors. I generally thought this would be a great place to raise kids—*and to put the past aside and to start over.*

“I really hope we get back the way we are a year ago, Trent. I am hoping,” she added in a serious tone.

I don’t want to get into a fight with her the very first morning we got here, but I just cannot help to remember the things she did that brought us to where we are now. But with her saying this like I’m the one who has the burden of making things better, it honestly made my mood go down the drain.

I breathed heavily, “We’re both going to try, Charlotte.”

She showed a doubtful smile and I am quite sure she’s tearing up.

“Dad, have you seen my train set? The one grandma gave me last Christmas?” Charlie asked as he went down the stairs, rubbing his eyes.

“I’m not sure, bud. We could check the remaining boxes in the garage later, okay? Eat your breakfast first,” I replied.

“Alright,” he muttered as he sat.

I patted his head the same time the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” I said as I walked fast to the door.

“Hey, Ellis. How are you?” I greeted our neighbor from across the street with his two kids as they stood on our porch.

“Very well. I’m sorry we came unannounced, but my kids here have been bugging me since last night about playing with your son,” he explained in a low ashamed voice.

I giggled a bit thinking how nice it is to be welcomed by this people. He must have told his kids the stories I told him that one night he caught me dumping massive amounts of trash outside our house when I first started cleaning up.

“That’s very good to hear. I am sure Charlie would be very happy to meet you two,” I knelt down to level the kids faces before adding, “He’s just having his breakfast now, do you want to go inside and join him?”

“Yes!—“ The kids high-pitched voices were interrupted by their dad saying, “You just had your breakfast, Hailey, Jake.

”I laughed and insisted to invite them in, but we all settled on having a playtime over at their house a little later along with the backyard barbecue party they were having.

– – –

It was around 3 in the afternoon when Charlie and I got to the Turner’s house.

We were welcomed by Ellis’ wife, Olive, who asked where my wife was. Charlotte didn’t want to bring one-year-old Chloe to an outdoor party just yet, which I completely understood, so we both decided they’re going to stay at home.

She then introduced us with 16 year-old Blake, the 3rd Turner kid who was chilling in the lounge area with another girl her age who I first thought must be her twin but turned out to be her cousin.

We were led by Olive to the backyard where I watched the twins, Hailey and Jake, excitedly run towards Charlie to take him to their big play area along side the trampoline and a pool.

Charlie looked at me for affirmation to which I nodded and said, “Enjoy!”I then heard Ellis calling me to join him on the grilling station.

“I’m glad you and Charlie joined us. Where’s the missus?” Ellis asked.

I explained the same thing I told his wife earlier to which he agreed. I also thanked him for being so hospitable to our small family.

The Turners have been residing in this town for around 23 years now. They own and operate a few bars and restaurants, which made them known to many.

For about half an hour we’ve talked about things revolving around work, kids, and sports while grilling some chicken, sausages, and steak.

Ellis was in the middle of telling me something about lawn mowers when he got distracted by the car that just parked in their garage.

“My two eldest daughters just got back from college. They spend their breaks with us,” he casually told me.

I smiled at the thought of this big family with five kids being so tight knit. I even saw the joy in Ellis’ face as he realized his children are home. I offered to take over all the grilling so he could welcome them to which he declined insisting I’m a guest and that they’ll probably both go here straight anyway.

After around five minutes, I saw his two daughters walking to the backyard. One turned straight towards our direction while the other got attacked by the overjoyed twins.

The taller one went to hug her dad tightly before Ellis introduced us, “This is my eldest, Sadie. Sadie, this is our new neighbor, Trent Foster.

”We both raised our hands low for a little wave and let out a tiny smile and a hi. Before the awkward silence fully devours the three of us, the other one hurriedly walked towards us.

As if in deja vu, she also gave Ellis a big hug before he introduced us, “Paige, this is Trent, our new neighbor.”

“Hi, nice to meet you,” she sweetly greeted me extending her hand for a shake.

I shook her hand and smiled saying, “Nice to meet you too.”

As soon as we let our hands go, Sadie took steps backwards saying, “I’m gonna help Mom prepare the drinks. Enjoy our party, Mr. Foster,” before storming off.

Ellis looked at Paige with a questioning eye to which she answered with, “We had a dumb fight on the way so…”

Ellis shook his head, laughed, then looked at me saying, “I swear it’s getting tougher as they grow up—” to which all three of us giggled.

– – –

That day went great and both Charlie and I went home tired but delighted. My son really had a blast playing with the Turner twins and with Paige. Having a neighboring family that treated us this well brought me joy easily, but I knew I was happy for a whole different reason and it confused me.

Though Paige and I did not have much of an interaction since the kids really wanted to play with her, I have to admit I found her extremely attractive. She had this effect on me that makes my body heat rise. I didn’t think anything of it at first because I am married and I’ve never looked at other women in a sexual way since I am a gynecologist.

But that night I laid down beside my wife on our bed, my body heat suddenly turned up just at the thought of her. I turned my back to Charlotte and for few a minutes waited for my mood to calm down. It never happened so I quietly stood up and left for the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror then down at my growing bulge—convincing my mind I won’t do it. I tried to divert the cause of my erection from the image of Paige to the fact that my wife and I haven’t been touching each other for more than a year now—not even a kiss.

I’ve really wanted to believe that this extreme horny feeling was due to the lack of sex—which was consistently my only reason for beating my meat to orgasm at 3am, but probably not until now.

I glanced down on my hard on, which was hard enough it hurts and is giving me blue balls. I carefully pull my boxers and silently moan as my cock is met by the warmth of my hand and the cold breeze of the air.

I circled the tip with my hands, my pre-c*m stuck on to my palm, the contact made me groan a little too loudly. I bit my lip to avoid making any suspicious noises before stroking myself slowly. I must’ve been intensely aroused as I whimper, knowing it won’t take long for me to come.

I placed my other hand on to the wall as support as I feel my cock taking all the energy from my legs. I momentarily sped up my strokes in rhythm with my heavy breathes. I was getting close. I leaned my head back, taking in every inch of pleasure building up inside me.

I reached for the sink to turn the faucet on for the running water to take over the loud moans I can no longer hide. I sped up my pace once more before my come shot up along with my echoing groans that I tried to mute down by gritting my teeth.

– – – – – – – – – –


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