Lingerie had been ordered.  Jewelry was selected.  The countdown had begun.  Our second trip to Cancun was scheduled in just a few short days.  We were more than a little anxious to be reunited with our group of friends from our prior trip.  This time, however, we would be joined by several new couples who had been invited by set of friends or another.  Our small group chat had expanded to a larger fold of friends who all enjoyed sharing flirty messages, photos, and banter with one another.  Through countless weeks of chatting, we formed a connection with one couple in particular – Jack and Annie (names changed for anonymity).  Having never met them in person, it made the texting flirtation all the more heated and exciting.  

My husband and I would spend nights in bed, chatting with them about things we enjoy.  We shared stories with them.  They detailed experiences with us.  The sexual tension among us was extraordinary.  My husband and I would fantasize about being a part of their stories.  One night after a particularly steamy sexting session with them, I needed my husband in the most intimate way.  As I lay on my back, he traced his fingers down my stomach to my panties.  Gently sliding them down with his hands, his mouth found my wetness quickly.  I closed my eyes and imagined it was Jack going down on me.  

As if reading my thoughts, my husband asked me if I would like Jack to do what he was doing to me.  I shuttered with lust.  “Yes.” I moaned.  He slid up onto me and pressed his fingers into me deeply.  He asked me again if I would want to feel his touch in me.  Again, I answered, “Yes.”  He leaned down to kiss me as his body drew up further still.  I felt his hardness at my opening.  My lips wet and swollen from his mouth and touch.  I ached for him to enter me.  Arching my hips up, I invited his hard cock in to me.  But he teased me instead, rubbing his tip just along the length of my lips, letting his precum wet me all the more.  My fingers dug into his shoulders in a futile attempt to pull him down to me.  He locked his arms as looked at me with a devilish grin.  Asking me once more if I would want to feel Jack’s hardness press into me, my husband entered me in a smooth but powerful thrust.  Wrapping my legs around his hips, I confided that I was ready to be fully intimate with another man.

I felt alive and deeply connected with my husband in that moment, having shared the lustful desires of what I wanted Jack to do to me.  It was an intimate connection with my husband that permitted me to simultaneously feel fully his, yet fully free to explore.  With his full body weight on me, I allowed my mind to drift and picture Jack over me.  I could feel his breathing in my ear.  His fingers tracing through my hair.  His arms pressing me into him.  My body heaved and I bit my lip wanting to taste his mouth on mine.  My husband asked me what I was thinking in that moment.  And I told him.  I felt his cock grow rigid in me.  His pace quickened as he moaned deeply.  I could feel myself dripping down his shaft as I began to reach climax.  My husband buried his face in my neck and whispered, “cum for him,” as he continued to penetrate me.  With those words, my legs tensed around him and my body gave way to a deeply resonating orgasm.  Wave upon wave of cum dripped from my throbbing lips as I moaned in ecstasy, begging to feel him finish inside me.  As he did, collapsing on top of me, we silently solidified our agreement as to what this trip would bring for us.  New excitement.  New pleasures.  New experiences.


Arriving midday in Cancun allowed us to fully enjoy an afternoon at the pool before evening festivities.  I was more than eager about meeting our new friends in person for the first time.  I recall walking down from our room, having hastily unpacked and changed into our swimwear.  The nervous excitement was palpable.  

We found our group of friends poolside, some lounging in the sun, others mingling in the water.  We said our hellos and were greeted warmly by everyone.  Jack and Annie were sipping drinks at the edge of the pool.  I could feel my nipples tingle upon seeing them in person for the first time.  She was stunning as she chatted and laughed from under a wide brimmed hat.  He stood next to her, the water lapping at his muscles.  They both smiled upon seeing us.  My husband placed our bag down on a lounger as I slipped out of my sheer coverup and waded into the cool water, sitting on the edge of the pool next to them.

Our conversation flowed easily all afternoon, lingering glances and flirty touches were shared as dusk began to fall.  Getting out of the pool, the group agreed to clean up and have dinner at one of the restaurants before an evening of dancing.  Back in the room, I slid out of my swimsuit and stepped into the hot shower.  My husband watched me as I soaped by tanned body, as the design of the shower was such that it had no door for privacy.  I locked eyes with him as I traced my hands over my curves for him to see.  Reveling in the knowledge that I was turning him on, I continued as he leaned against the bathroom wall, stroking himself for me.  

My fingers ran the length of my waist, pausing briefly at my hips as I dug my fingernails into my wet skin.  I ventured lower and traced along my outer lips, feeling the steamy water drip from me.  Catching my husband’s heady stare, I parted my lips for him to see and began to feel my wetness from the inside.  He asked me what I was thinking as I did this.  I moaned low as I admitted that I was imagining Jack in the shower with me.  My husband asked me to touch myself as though it were his hands.  

I closed my eyes and began to finger myself deeper and harder as my mind raced.  I could imagine his hands cupping my breasts as he pulled my nipples.  I could feel his mouth against my neck and shoulders.  I could picture his body pressed behind me, nudging against my opening for entry.  My fingers swirled in me faster as these thoughts first occupied my mind, then were vocalized aloud to my husband.  I could feel my orgasm building.  He could see it in me.  

As I began to cum, my husband joined me in the shower.  He lowered himself to his knees and pulled my hips to him, tasting me as I had just cum for another man.  His tongue spread my swollen lips apart, savoring my wetness to his contentment.  Standing, he cradled my face to kiss me deeply as he pressed me against the wall of the shower, the water raining down his back.  His hand traced around my leg and pulled it up, allowing him access to my awaiting pussy.  

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he plunged into me.  His mouth against my ear, he whispered that he wanted me to imagine it was Jack.  I could feel myself throb around his rigid shaft and he began to pump more quickly.  My nipples tightened and I began to tense in his arms as my orgasm mounted.  I wrapped my leg around him as I came, relying on his arms and the shower wall to support me as I gave way to the pleasure.

His own climax building, he leaned into me and asked me where I would want him to cum.  Breathless, I moaned that I’d want it all over my breasts.  Thrusting his final pumps in me, he pulled out as I fell to my knees for him.  Taking his thick cock in my hands, I milked out stream after stream of warm cum onto my breasts.  Stroking his shaft with one hand, my other hand began to rub it into my taut nipples, squeezing his cum into my soft breasts for him to see.  Raising my hand to my mouth, I slowly traced my tongue down each finger, tasting him on my lips.  

We savored the remainder of our shower together as we finished cleaning up for dinner.  Slipping on a high cut skirt and heels, I could feel my breathing quicken at the thought of what was ahead that evening.  With our understanding that we were now comfortable with taking things as far as we wanted, my husband and I shared one last kiss at our doorway before heading out to join our friends.  Eager.  Anxious.  Excited for what the night would bring for us…