I run as fast as I can to reach the platform, cursing myself for being late once again. I come to an abrupt halt as I realise the train is delayed. I mutter to myself, “For Fuck’s Sake!” At this moment I notice someone looking in my direction. A man. A rather attractive one at that. I look away quickly, feeling flustered and a little embarrassed. It is a warm summer day and I am hot and sweaty. Not the sexiest look I admit. Or maybe he likes that, I chuckle to myself at the thought, daring to look over at him. He is now looking at his phone, giving me a few moments to appreciate him. He is sitting down, his legs slightly apart. He looks smart in his shirt, tie and trousers, the tightness of his shirt accentuating his athletic build underneath. My eyes roam a little too long and he looks up at me once more. This time I hold eye contact with him for a few seconds. He breaks away first, smoothing his dark wavy hair and looking back down. Was that a nervous gesture?

The doors on the train are unlocked and I queue up to get on, not daring to look behind me to see if he is getting on the same carriage. I sit down at a table and put on my earphones to listen to some music. I am gently nodding my head and looking out of the window when I feel a presence. It’s him. He’s sitting opposite me! I try to ignore the butterflies in my stomach as I dare to make eye contact once more. I feel my face flush as his big brown eyes connect with mine. I smile awkwardly and return to gazing out of the window. My heart is pounding. I look around, relieved to see the carriage is unusually quiet this morning. 

The train starts to leave and I look over at him once more. He is reading the paper. The air con is not on and it is stifling. I slowly take off my cardigan, revealing a low cut yellow summer dress underneath. His eyes peek at me over the pages. He immediately drops the paper and lifts his hands up to loosen his tie, this time never taking his eyes from mine. The butterflies have turned into tingling between my legs. 

I hold eye contact with him as he slowly undoes his tie. It hangs loosely around his neck. I get a little whiff of his scent as he slowly pulls it off and places it on the table. It is intoxicating. He undoes one button. Then another. I am braless and feel my nipples harden in response, enjoying the fact they are on show for him. As though separate from my own mind, I feel my legs moving slightly apart and my hand drifting onto my inner thigh. Am I really doing this? Here? Right now? My hand answers for me as it moves slowly up my thigh brushing my knickers. 

I am unable to tell how much he can see, but by the way he jiggles in his seat slightly I gather he knows what i’m up to. He looks over at me with a smirk also moving his hand under the table. I can’t see where it goes, but his arm moves slowly up and down, but not so much that it is noticeable to onlookers. I feel my body heat rising and my cheeks flush. I have never had such an instant sexual attraction to someone before, especially not in public. 

I feel the fabric on my undies moisten as I continue to rub myself. This time I move my fingers higher and brush them against my clit. I breathe in slowly and bite my lip, continuing to hold his gaze. He responds by closing his eyes and tilting his head back, clearly enjoying imagining my fingers playing in between my legs. 

I lick my lips thinking about what is underneath those trousers. How hard he is right now. How he looks naked. I want to climb onto the table, reach over and rip off his shirt. 

“Tickets please!” The interruption brings me back into reality and we both snap back into ourselves, two people on their way to work. I assume he is on his way to work, looking like that. I fumble in my bag struggling to find my tickets. I am irritated to see he finds this amusing. We show our tickets and I look over at him. He is back to reading his paper and I go back to gazing out of the window.

We arrive at the station. I get up to leave and look over at him. He appears to be engrossed in his paper so I turn away and disembark the train. I do not look back. 

I enter the hotel lobby and head to reception to check in. As I’m filling in a form I hear a voice behind me. It is a deep, but gentle voice with a hint of an accent I can’t quite decipher. “I’m here for a meeting. It’s in the erm..inspiration room?” He says the last words softly, as though embarrassed. I grin at myself, thinking about some of the ridiculously named meeting rooms I’ve been in before. 

Then it hits me…the smell, that familiar intoxicating smell. I turn my head swiftly to look behind me. It’s him. He looks at me in surprise and says in an almost irritatingly confident tone,”Well hello there. I believe I haven’t introduced myself yet?” He says holding out his hand. Taken aback, I look down at the hand that was not so long ago touching himself, my mouth wide open, feeling both intrigued and hesitant.