Barbara was in a state of shock. It was as if she had come out of a trance and was only just realising that she was nearly completely naked and glazed in cum.

Josh stood up and went to the bathroom to have a shower and I tried to calm Barbara down.

“Don’t worry, honey. You haven’t done anything wrong,” I said, in my most soothing voice.

“I’m- I’m not supposed to do stuff like this. This is sinful,” she was almost in hysterics.

I knew though, if she got into a panic now, she would retreat into herself forever so I did the only thing I could think of to distract her – I started kissing her again. Almost in spite of herself, she kissed me back. I made sure to start licking the cum off her innocent face too.

“It tastes good, right?” I asked her as she licked it off my tongue.

She nodded.

“Pussy tastes even better.”

I then lay back and opened my legs. Almost instinctively, Barbara got back on her knees in front of me.

“Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get your tongue and start spelling the alphabet with it. When you find the letter I really respond to, keep doing it over and over.”

“How will I know which one you respond to?” she asked.

“Trust me, you’ll know.”

She tentatively stuck out her tongue and grazed my pussy with it. I could tell she might need a bit of encouragement so I grabbed her hair and buried her face in my cunt. After that, she became my good little slut again. She started spelling the alphabet and soon she found a letter that hit just the right spot.

“Which one is that?”

“R,” she replied as she stopped for air for a second.

“Don’t fucking stop! Keep doing it!”

She kept her eyes fixed on mine, as if she was looking for approval. I couldn’t believe this was the little church mouse I used to know.

At this point, Josh came out of the bathroom, soaking wet from his shower, his monster cock dangling between his legs. Even though he’d just cum a short while ago, I could see his cock stirring at the sight of us.

I looked down at Barbara again. She was really starting to get the hang of it. I wondered how often she’d thought about having sex, about kissing girls and sucking dick and how often she’d repressed it.

“Finger me too,” I told her.

She inserted two fingers inside me and started fucking me with them, all the while continuing to spell that ‘R’. I was in heaven. I had no guilt about corrupting the nice girl because it felt so good.

Josh was fully hard again. He was positioning himself behind Barbara who had her ass pointing in the air. He took a firm grip of her hips and plunged his cock inside her pussy. She let out a squeal and her eyes widened but she continued eating me out. Josh then set the pace, the harder and faster he fucked her, the harder and faster she fingered and licked me.

I could feel her moaning into my pussy and eventually it set me off. A huge orgasm tore through my body and my legs clamped around her head as she continued to lick me out. I fell back on the couch exhausted as I watched Josh continue to plow her tight pussy. I was admiring my work – Sunday school student to bisexual pussy eater in one night.

Barbara started to moan louder and faster and so did Josh and I could tell they were both cumming at the same time. I was jealous of Barbara, having her pussy filled for the first time.

They both fell down next to me on the couch and we made a tangled, sticky mess as we embraced each other.