*Kinks: primitive tribal society, voyeurism, masturbation, mating, pheromones, squirting/urination, slow burn.*

**Chapter 1: Part I**

“Autumn, bring me the chisel,” said Papá patiently. Autumn tucked a curly brown lock behind her ear and strode over to the tool roll on the rock. She plucked the chisel from among the collection, then stepped back to her father’s project.

Autumn held out the chisel for her father, though her eyes were focused on the smooth log between them.

“What will the hole be for?” she asked. Papá smiled at his daughter’s perceptiveness. “We will create smaller beams that run inside. Those beams will hold the soil and plants.” Autumn nodded slowly, her forefinger and thumb rubbing her bottom lip.

She walked back to the rock and grabbed the stone adze from the leather roll. Then she knelt over one of the smaller beams laying to the side. “Do you want me to start carving space for the soil?” she asked.

But before Papá could answer, Oakley appeared from the edge of the village. His charcoal black hair tightly wound in curls.

“Autumn, your mother has been looking for you,” Oakley said with a raised brow. Autumn looked him over smugly, “Well, what does she want?”

Oakley held out his hands to sign. First, he pointed to her, *your Mamá wants you with the other women- that is your place*. He emphasized *your place* by curling his finger, goading her. Papá wiped sweat from his grin.

“If my father says I can be here, then this is where I’ll be. He’s an elderman, so-“ Autumn finished with sign- *you go back with the women*, she mimicked the curled gesture on *you*. Oakley clenched his jaw.

Papá let out a sigh, “Autumn, go to your mother.” Autumn’s mouth fell agape, she stood from her log and began signing with frustration.

*Why do you always take his side when I’m your daughter?*

Papá blew away the wood dust from his chiseling, then he rested the log on his thigh. His large hands rose to gesture, *I take no side but my own. Oakley is my apprentice, and you are your mother’s. If she calls, you must go.*

Autumn tossed the adze towards her log, it clattered against the wood. She stepped over the beam, glaring at Oakley. As she trudged past him her nose filled with his sweet, pine like scent.

When she neared the outer row of houses, she glanced back to see her father showing Oakley where to shave the log with her adze. He was eager to work with her father, which only irritated her more.

**Part II**

Autumn made her way towards the center of the village. The air smelled of freshly baked bread, garlic, and roasted vegetables. Women and girls bowed their heads in honor of her passing.

She reached the Elder Hall at the center of the village and pushed through the large mammoth hide entrance.

Mamá was organizing various bowls of herbs, pastes, and oils over a stone table. She looked up to see Autumn approaching and smiled. Her smile quickly faded though as Autumn’s red face became more obvious.

“Why did you have to send *him*?” Autumn huffed. Mamá rolled her eyes and smiled.

Autumn sat down with her knees to her chest, “He said I should be here with the women, where my *place is*,” she said, gesturing with the same arrogance as Oakley had.

“And he’s right!” Mamá cheered. She grabbed her pestle while eyeing her daughter. “Autumn,” she sighed with empathy, “I only need you to find your sister. She went out with the gathering party but hasn’t returned. Once she’s back you can get to working with your father again.” Mamá gave her daughter a knowing grin.

Autumn smiled reluctantly and stood to her feet, “Where were they gathering?”

“Luna said they went west to the river to collect crayfish.” Mamá stepped towards a collection of baskets. She unclasped the bone bead on one of them and reached inside, pulling out a flint dagger.

“Take this with you,” she said, holding the wooden hilt towards her daughter. Autumn smelt her mother’s scent as she took the dagger. It was the same as her father’s; a deep, earthy scent with breezes of spice. Their mated scent was always calming for Autumn, it was the smell of home.

“Should I cross the river if I don’t find her on our side?”

Mamá shook her head, “No. I don’t think she will be on the other side of the river. But if you can’t find her, come back and we will send the men to look for her.” Autumn nodded, then she turned to leave.

Mamá grasped her shoulder. Autumn looked back to see her mother sign, *watch for Tuskans.*

Autumn followed the worn earth path through the woods. The trail sloped downwards, twisting and winding around rock cliffs.

There was a story that told of a giant mammoth battle that took place in the valley many moons ago. The tusks of the great bulls would grind through the earth as they charged for battle; that was how the gullies were formed.

Autumn reached the bank of the river, she looked to the north and then to the south; there was no sign of Rose.

She knelt to the ground, searching for signs of her people. As she brushed her hands along the grass she found water droplets towards the south side. So she followed the river south, looking back occasionally to ensure no one was following her.

A bend in the river opened to a thin, sandy shore. The footprints of several villagers were still deeply remnant. At the far edge of the shore, Autumn spotted a fishing basket.

She found the basket, full of crayfish, sitting in a small pool of water dug into the sand. Rose must have wanted the crayfish to stay fresh while she went elsewhere.

Autumn pressed further south. She wanted to call out Rose’s name, but she knew better than to draw attention to herself while on the Tuskan border.

The rushing sound of a waterfall filled the air. Autumn reached the edge of the small cliff where the waterfall spilled over into the river below. She peered down to see Rose sitting with someone along the bank. Relief washed over her.

Autumn passed behind the tree line, following the natural steps formed by tree roots down the hill. Halfway there, she rounded a large trunk before stopping in her tracks.

It had become clear the nearer she drew that Rose was with a young man. His sandy hair and hawk feather spear let Autumn know it was Flint.

Rose and Flint had been sweet on each other since they were kids. Mamá and Papá frequently enjoyed the company of Flint and his family around their evening fires.

Autumn pressed behind the large tree trunk, gently peering from behind it as not to be seen.

Flint had leaned in and begun kissing Rose. He gently pushed Rose on her back, resting the length of his body atop her. Rose’s fingers tangled into his hair.

Autumn felt her heart beat faster. She knew that Rose and Flint had kissed before, it was common for young adults their age to kiss and fondle often. But something felt different about their bonding this time.

As Autumn watched, she could sense that Rose was not withholding, she wasn’t reserving her desire as she normally might. Rose’s knee slid outward in the grass, then gripped around the outside of Flint’s hip.

Seeing Flint’s groin resting between her sister’s thighs sent a shockwave through Autumn’s stomach. She felt her opening clench wantingly.

Flint rolled onto his back beside Rose, then began to untie the waist of his pants. Rose opened her robes and slid her thin cotton covering from her hips down to her ankles, leaving them in the grass without a care. Autumn could see the little mound of soft hair between Rose’s thighs.

A warm tingling was growing in Autumn’s clit. She pressed her own curly mound against the ridges of the tree bark, seeking any stimulation that could make way through her robes.

Flint untied his waist, and without hesitation, he shoved his pants down and off his ankles. As he sat up his dark pink cock stood firmly from his pelvis. Autumn felt a gob of warmth drool from her opening.

The only man’s cock she had ever seen was her father’s, but she had never seen it hard. It was forbidden for men to show their cocks to a woman unless he was attempting to mate with her.

Something about how it stood and slightly swayed as he moved over Rose again pulled at Autumn’s pussy, she wanted her clit to rub into his hairs, and she wanted to know what it would feel like to be filled by him.

Without thinking, Autumn’s hand moved beneath her robes. She slipped her fingers into her underwear and pulled her wetness forward over her clit. She could feel how swollen her little bulbous head was. Her clit sang with pleasure as her fingertip swirled around its protrusion.

Rose held Flint’s waist with both hands and pulled her knees back instinctively. She was fully spread for him. The two of them had their heads bowed, looking at their sexes, learning what to do together.

Autumn pushed her brows upwards anxiously as she craned her neck to see if they would mate, though she hadn’t seen Rose squirt yet. Flint hovered his heavy cock over Rose’s pussy. They both were waiting. After a few moments he let his length lay against her wet folds while he kissed her.

Autumn could tell Flint looked worried. He would kiss Rose, then pull away and look into her eyes, almost begging her to accept him. He began rocking his hips and sliding his cock over her folds. Rose let her head fall back, Autumn could see her sister squeezing her eyes shut, focusing intensely on the sensations Flint’s rubbing was giving her. Autumn realized that they were becoming desperate for her body to accept him.

Rose gripped Flint tightly, pulling him as close to her as possible. Her nipples were fully erect from the cool air that misted off the waterfall. Autumn withdrew her hand from her underwear. She watched her sister intently as she tried to get her body to produce her pheromone squirts.

Their humping slowed to an end, and they rested their foreheads against one another. Flint muttered something to her, though it was impossible for Autumn to hear. Tears began to stream down Rose’s cheeks, and then she nodded her head in defeat.

Flint sat upright, his cock still full and heavy. Rose closed her thighs together and reached for her underwear. They began dressing themselves again.

**Part III**

Autumn walked along the bank towards Rose’s crayfish basket. She reached the pool and found the crayfish still fresh. Their little claws grasping out from the holes in the weaving.

She sat down in the sand, the wetness of her sex squishing inside her clothes, a reminder of her unfinished work. She withdrew her dagger and began drawing in the sand. She absent mindedly drew the design for the portable plant project her father was building.

After some time, she heard footsteps brushing along the river bank. She looked up to see Rose and Flint returning. Rose was ahead by a few paces, they hadn’t been talking.

Rose stepped down onto the shore, “Hey little sister,” she said with a weak smile. “Oh, hey! Mamá sent me to find you.” Rose nodded and walked past Autumn solemnly.

Autumn was immediately greeted by a strong scent that was reminiscent of thyme, it was Flint’s scent. Rose was bathed in him, her own scent completely masked.

Rose lazily gripped the rope to her basket and picked it up. “I hope you weren’t waiting here for too long.” She said quietly. Without bothering for a reply, she started walking north towards the village.

“Rose,” called Flint softly. Rose stopped and slowly turned to him. “Let me carry that for you.” Flint walked up to her and held his spare hand out.

Rose dropped her eyes to the sand. Her face curled in pain as she began to softly cry again. Flint placed his spear and her basket on the ground. He stepped forward and pulled Rose into his arms. He held her face against his chest with one hand, and the rest of her with his other. He pressed his lips into her curly hair, and closed his eyes.

They stood there for a long while, embracing one another like they had done just moments before.

Autumn’s heart ached for her sister. She knew what would come next. If a male attempted to mate with a female, and her body did not accept him, then the male would be forced to leave.

Flint would now have to leave the village.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I want you! I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anyone!” sobbed Rose. Flint swallowed his own tears, but he couldn’t hold them back for long.

“I know you do, Rose,” he said quietly. He kissed her forehead then opened his mouth like he was going to speak; he let out a slow sigh instead.

After some time, the three of them made their way to the village.

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