I believe the absolute roller coaster that Alice and I sent Amy on made her embrace insanity to a degree. And to feel more empowered. She was calmer after the event. But also more direct, and out going with her own thoughts and desires. She was less submissive in the bedroom. Don’t misunderstand, she still enjoyed being tied up, teased, and at my mercy, and being ravaged out of the blue. But she also was forward if she wanted something. And more and more it was a roll of the dice who was in charge during sex. She even talked with Rebecca about borrowing her strap-on for the days she wanted to vent on me.

As for Rebecca and Samantha, I still spent time with them. Amy actually came to find it pretty amusing that I decided to literally whip Samantha into shape. Samantha also got her first job. It was a part-time gig, but she went. Especially after Amy told her bluntly that if she skipped work for a dumb reason she would happily watch me discipline her. In her first week she called out because she didn’t want to wake up. So I recorded Samantha’s punishment for her. Namely, that I woke Samantha up from a dead sleep with a hand on her throat and a wand vibrator on high pressed and held to her until she came while sobbing then edged her the rest of the day while she helped me with chores. She had to finally call Amy to ask if she could cum. Amy told her not until I made Amy cum that night. I woke Samantha early every day after, regardless if she had work. But less aggressively. She also only called out of work for valid reasons after that.

As for Rebecca, I would still go and help her out from time to time and we would play. But Amy reserved the right to either have me on the phone, or out right refuse Rebecca. She didn’t always step in, but I believe she felt better knowing that no matter what I placed her first.

Amy also spent time with Alice and/or Rebecca. And as often as not if her and Alice played I took part over the phone. I had not physically been with Alice since Amy sent her to the couch to get ravaged by me in my half-asleep aggressive state. Amy had not gotten around to deciding how she wanted to address their betrayals and several weeks passed.

See, a large part of her indecisiveness centered around whether she would partake in their punishments or not. And then she decided.

Group message to: Rebecca, Samantha.

Me: Hey. It has been a while since we all played together. Amy is going out with Alice for the weekend and said we could play if you two wanted. Are you free?

Samantha: yes, Sir! Please!!

Rebecca: What’s the catch?

Me: She wants any playtime recorded.

Samantha: I think sis is starting to have a voyeur fetish. She’s pretty fucking bad when she wants to be.

Me: That’s Miss Amy to you, pet. Do you need to be punished already, little kinky slut?

Samantha: No sir. I am sorry I spoke badly about Miss Amy.

Rebecca: Why don’t you just ask her and Alice to join?

Me: They have plans.

.Rebecca: Oh. Wait. So you have asked? You’re a greedy bastard aren’t you?

Me: I seem to recall you sharing a group fantasy with you in the middle.

Rebecca: Asshole. When do you want me over?

Me: Whenever you can get here. I have a fun idea in mind.

A few hours later found me sitting in the living room on the couch reading. My phone was beaide me and open to the app for the girls toys.

Samantha and Rebecca were both tied to the coffee table, holding hands. Blindfolded, gagged, noise-cancelling earphones on. They both had anal plugs in, and vibrators steadily working them to orgasm before resting. I let them choose their music playlist on their phones before tying them up. Samantha was had just had her fourth orgasm. Rebecca was on her second. Samantha was so sensitive.

A knock sounded at the door. I opened it to find Alice and Amy smiling. I ushered them in and gave them both a kiss before we all had a seat. Chatting for a bit and watching as Rebecca shook and came again. I stood up and walked over to Rebecca, drawing a second line on her ass in permanent marker.

I checked my watch and turned the vibrators off. Both girls were breathing hard.

I removed Rebecca’s headphones.

“Good job, pet. You win. You get your collar first.” I took care fitting the little black collar on her snugly. Hooked her leash on Then I untied her. Knowing what it meant, Samantha whimpered as she felt Rebecca’s hand slip away. I had Rebecca on hands and knees and told her to wait. I put the headphones back on.

“Would one of you like the first round?” I asked, looking at Amy. She held my gaze and bit her lip. She took the leash and pulled Rebecca to the couch until her chin rested on it. Then she pulled the strap-on out of the bag and put it on with a little dollop of lube stroked along it’s length. Amy got on her knees behind Rebecca, took her little sister by her spikey red hair, then thrust inside Rebecca’s cunt.

Rebecca moaned through the gag and tensed up. She knew that didn’t feel right. But Amy didn’t give her time. She pounded Rebecca’s pussy, pulling her hair back as Rebecca whimpered through the gag. Amy let go of her hip and smacked Rebecca’s cheek lightly but rapidly, then pulled out, put another glob of lube on the strapon, and made Rebecca scream as she pushed it into her ass. The strapon was smaller than me, but Rebecca’s tight ass still gripped it tight. And as Amy starting fucking her again, I reached down and toyed her clit. Rebecca lost control. Already sensitive from the vibrator, Rebecca came. Biting her gag as she soaked my hand.

I looked up to see Alice lightly rubbing her nipples and tugging them through her shirt as she watched. Then at Amy who looked flushed and excited as she stood up, took a wipe and cleaned the strapon, then took it off.

Alice motioned for Amy to come closer then reached out and pulled Amy onto her lap to kiss her.

I walked up behind Amy and kissed her neck. “Well done, love. You took control of the situation nicely.”

I turned and took Rebecca’s headphones off.

“So a little surprise for you, pet. You’ll be serving a small group tonight. And since you won the little wager between you and Samantha, you’ll be the go to toy for sex.” She groaned and panted against the couch, drool running down her chin. I smacked her ass affectionately.

“You’ll do fine. Wait here.”

I out the headphones back on. Then it was Samantha’s turn. Small noises of impatience rose in her throat and she pulled against the rope as my hand slid down her spine and rubbed small circles on her ass before smacking it.
I removed her headphones.

“You really are my eager little slut. Too bad you lost the wager. You’ll be the service wench tonight for our little group. Be good and you might ewrn a tip.” I taunted. My finger sliding down her bare labia as she moaned and tried to push her hips back to take my fingers inside. But I smacked her ass again.

“Now, now. No begging, unless we ask you to.”

I placed her collar and leash. Then untied her and led her to wait on hands and knees before replacing the headphones. Amy was eying Samantha with an intense stare now as Alice ran her fingers up and down Amy’s back. I gave Amy the leash and she pulled Samantha to her then reclined against Alice, lifting her feet and setting them on Samantha’s back. That earned Samantha Foot Stool written on her back.

Samantha’s face turned red as she waited there.

“Would you ladies like a drink?” I asked. I went to the kitchen to get them and returned to find Alice had her hand in Amy’s pants, and Amy was softly moaning at what I assumed was idle teasing. I could faintly hear the wet sounds as Alice’s fingers explored . I handed them their drinks and sat beside them with my own. We talked for a time.

At one point Alice took Rebecca’s leash and pulled her onto the couch to make her lick and suck on Alice’s nipples as Alice ran her fingers through Rebecca’s hair. Meanwhile I pulled Amy to my lap and kissed and bit on her neck and shoulders. Soon our clothes were piled on Samantha like she was a spare table. Alice had Rebecca licking and fingering her pussy slowly as she spanked and fingered her in return. Rebecca came from Alice’s hand and another tally was added to Rebecca’s ass.

Alice watched as Amy mounted me to slowly ride me. I heard Alices soft sighs under Amy’s moans as she ground her ass against me, fully buried inside her. She was so worked up she soon climaxed, biting my shoulder as she soaked me. And when she climbed off Alice took Rebecca by the hair and forced her mouth down on my cock until she was choking. Then she traded with Amy. While Samantha licked up Amy’s cream, Alice bent over the couch and I took her from behind. We were so worked up it didn’t take long for our frenzied pounding to push us both to climax. Amy bit her lip as I slid my creamy cock out. But remembering Samantha, she licked the cum off me, moved over to Samantha and let it all run down Samantha’s face, using her hand to smear for good measure. Samantha whimpered and licked some of the cum her tongue could reach. Laughing, Amy took the marker and wrote Cum Slut on Samantha’s back.

We decided to go outside and have a picnic I had planned. With some work I had our pets laid out on the grass I placed bite sized portions along their bodies. I placed the cold pitcher of tea between Samantha’s legs, pressed to her crotch making her whimper after every pour. Serving Platter got written on both of their bodies after we ate.

When we finished our drinks the still chilly glasses were placed on Samantha’s stomach on their sides so the remains of our iced tea leaked on her making her shiver. She earned Dirty Dish written on her stomach. While we relaxed and discussed books in the lawn chairs, I had Rebecca rest on me with her tits around my cock. As I grew hard again she took the initiative and started tit fucking me.

After a few minutes of that, Amy and Alice went inside. They came back with their Strap Ons. Thinking of a better position, I picked Rebecca up and placed her on the small outside table in her back with her head hanging off one side and her ass hanging off the other. I took her head in my hands and began fucking her mouth. Amy thrust inside her pussy and Alice entered Amy. This little session earned Rebecca a Train Wreck written over her pussy, Cock Warmers on her tits, and Throat Slut written on her neck. And a face full of her own drool and my cum.

Over the next few hours Samantha and Rebecca slowly gained more and more marks. Notably Ass to Mouth Whore on Rebecca after Alice rode me then used Rebecca’s tongue to clean me. Samantha got Belt Hook on her neck after I casually choked her with my belt while we watched a music video, and Pain Slut when I removed her gag as Amy used the crop on her pussy and she begged to get fucked between her yelps and screams until Alice toyed her ass with a dildo.until she came

Then the moment of truth. We all looked a.tired mess. And kneeling in front of us, I removed the girls headphones, gags, and blindfolds. They blanched. They were beyond embarassed and ashamed. We sat them on the couch and showed them pictures from the day, including the final oics of all their marks.

Amy told them now they knew the feeling of shocked shame and being made to feel less than human. But she loved them. Maybe even more now. The rest of the night and the next day was spent in a kind of free-use casual hangout mode with anyone liable to fuck anyone. We slept in the bed together. Amy became much more open to playing with her sisters or watching me with them. And soon I had her sisters help me propose to Amy.

Thanks for reading.