You wutz da haps. So I kinda wrote this or whatever so you can read it and what have you. If you like it, I take commissions with no limits, so you want a story, message me and I’ll bring your vision to life. If you hate it and feel I suck at writing, it’s cool. We can play a rousing game of hide and go fuck yourself. Enjoy 😊


Cheerleaders are the best thing to ever happen to planet Earth. They’re gorgeous, flexible, and overloaded with energy. But most importantly of all, more often than not, they’re dumber than a sack of rocks. And luckily for me, my daughter, Lana, decided to befriend one that fits the mold. She’s so clueless that she got kicked out of college for failing a test on purpose because she made herself believe that failing tests is always the best thing.

But that’s not even the best part. Since she’s got nowhere else to go since her parents won’t allow her back, we’ve arranged that she stays with me while Lana is on campus. Life’s just great. And not only do I have a gorgeous young woman living in my house, but I can practically get her to get her to do whatever I want. She’s watched one too many karate movies, so she thinks there’s some greater meanings to everything I have her do.

Walking around naked: building self confidence. Jacking me off: improving hand/eye coordination and building her strength. Sucking my dick and swallowing: improving her diaphragm and vocals while giving her some protein. Eating her out: showing her the importance of dopamine. Now, I’m gonna be a bit daring. Let’s see how flexible she is on all fronts.

She walks downstairs, completely naked and having some pep in her step, just presenting me with those perky tits of hers. She gives me a wave, saying,

“Good morning, Mr. Floyd,”

“Good morning, Nina,” I greet back,

“So what’s this training exercise that you wanted to teach me?”

I turn off the tv before standing up and saying,

“Well, as you know, one of the most important features of cheerleading is flexibility.”

“Yup,” she answers,

“So I’m gonna test how flexible you are to see if there’s anything we can improve upon.”

“Alright, sounds fun. What should I do?”

“Well, let’s just see how good your standing split is now.”

She nods her head before taking a breath and lifting her left leg and grabbing her foot with her hands, exposing her perfect little pussy. I walk over to her, bringing a hand to her leg and my other to her pussy, saying,

“Yup. Just what I thought. You’re not getting high enough. We need to stretch you out so you can reach those heights. How’s that sound?”

“Let’s do it,” she responds with enthusiasm.

I chuckle before sliding my pants down with my boxers and kicking them to the side. I then position the head of my cock to the entrance of her pussy, gently rubbing against it, earning light gasps from her. I then guide her to the wall and she balances herself on it as I grab her waist and slowly thrust my dick inside of her, causing her to moan. Once I manage to get half of it inside, I pull out and start thrusting in and out of her.

Fuck, this feels incredible. She’s so warm and wet. I can’t get enough of it. And her cute little moans are driving me insane. I speed up my movements, pushing deeper and deeper inside of her with each thrust, eventually reaching the base of my length. She grabs onto my shoulder to balance herself even more, tightly clutching onto my shirt as I thrust faster and deeper.

She feels so fucking good. I know that school is constantly raging behind closed doors. They’ve lost this absolutely stunning girl. And now she’s mine. All mine.

I hook my arm under her standing leg, causing her to let out an “Eep” before I wrap my arm under the other one as I continue my growing pace. She then wraps her arms around my neck and we just stare at each other. God, just look at those beautiful grey eyes. Not to mention her increasingly loud moans. Just those two alone is almost enough to make me explode.

But from the feeling of her tightening around me, it seems she’s gonna beat me to it. She then proves me right as she tilts her head back and lets out a final moan before covering my cock with her cum. As she calms down, I say in between groans,

“I’m gonna set you down and you’re gonna let me shoot it on your face this time, ok?”

“Yeah, ok,” she responds.

I bring her to the floor and she gets on her knees, opening her mouth and closing her eyes. I then start jerking myself, inching closer and closer to my limit. And it doesn’t take long at all. I let out a loud groan as I shoot rope after rope of my cum on Nina’s face, tits, hair, and mouth. And she takes all of it.

We take a moment to catch our breath and I just take in the sight before me. I have a cute nineteen year old girl on her knees with my cum on her face, looking up at me and smiling. Life can’t get any better than this.

“Good work out,” I say between breaths, “Same time tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” she answers, “I’d love that.”