It’s not often I get a quiet, rainy afternoon to myself. Gina, my wife, was out running errands, and our son, Gavin, decided to spend some time at the gym. I decided to catch up on some shows everyone at work had been talking about, but _first_. Might as well rub one out in this rare moment of _total_ privacy. 

I had just gotten a raunchy video on the big screen TV, erection raging, bottle of lotion at the ready, when the doorbell rang. Frustration erupted in my chest, but I took a steadying breath and strode to the door. Emily was standing on the other side, shivering in her rain drenched clothes. 

“Emily?” I said in a surprised greeting. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, Mr. Flagg,” she responded. I stood aside to allow her through the door.

“You know you can just call me Josh,” an offer I’ve given her countless times in the four years she’s been dating my son, but one she has yet to take me up on. 

She walked past me on her way out of the abnormally chilly summer day, the rainstorm apparently catching her by surprise. I often wondered why she doesn’t drive, most teens are over eager to get their license and _anything_ with wheels, especially before college. Now that she and Gavin are both out of high school, you’d think she would want to familiarize herself with how to operate a vehicle. 

As it was, her wet clothes clung to her trembling skin. A nearly transparent, blue tank-top over a now visible pink bra stuck to her petite chest, yoga or bicycle shorts offering little warmth as they hugged her shapely rear and thick thighs. Even her sneakers were drenched, socks collapsing down her slender ankles under the unexpected weight of water. I fetched a towel for the girl, my eyes lingering for an inappropriate amount of time while she began to dry her five foot frame. She released her hair from its damp ponytail, straight, strawberry-blonde strands twirling down over her shoulders and curling wetly. The towel dragged over her face and chest.

“Gavin isn’t here right now,” I explained, “but you’re welcome to stay and dry off while you wait.”

She smiled at me, continuing to use the towel on her soaked clothes. “Thanks Mr… _Josh_.”

My name on her lips sounded strange, the first time she actually used it. I stood there awkwardly, trying to think of something to say that would allow me to break away, when a blinding light flooded into the house. I shielded my eyes, then everything went dark.

I woke up without even realizing I’d fallen asleep. The room I- _we_ were in was obviously not anywhere in the house we’d just been in. Emily began to stir as well, joining me in my confusion. _Did I just have a stroke? Am I still unconscious? Why are we_ ___naked?___ Uncertain thoughts tried to make some kind of sense of our situation while reality slowly crept in.

My eyes scanned our new surroundings. We were in a round, white room, pristinely clean. In the center was a wide pedestal, almost like a table or oversized night stand. The rounded ceiling had what looked to be hundreds of gleaming orbs embedded within, and there didn’t look to be any windows or doors. I’d estimate the room to be around twenty feet in diameter, so no need to feel claustrophobic. 

I tried to keep my eyes off the young girl trapped in here with me, but couldn’t help the occasional glance her way. To be honest, I _had_ occasionally wondered what she looked like bare, late night fantasies sometimes revolving around her and I together. Not like this, of course. She either hadn’t noticed _somehow_, or didn’t care about her nudity, but why should she? Her figure was _incredible!_ At some point I stopped looking away, utterly distracted from our situation while my eyes drank her in.

Her small frame was covered in smooth, tanned skin. She had no tan lines, which led my mind to images of her tanning herself in the sun, by a pool, completely naked and exposed to the world. Her hazel eyes examined the wall as she walked along the perimeter, thick, muscular thighs carrying her cautiously. Her tummy was flat, slight muscle framing her belly between her ribs and waist. Perky b-cup breasts stood firm on her chest, jiggling softly as she moved. I imagined the texture and taste of her pink, quarter sized nipples, and tried to snap out of my lust. It was a losing battle, however, and I became distracted once again when a pair of dimples over her tight, rounded ass came into sight. Her calves flexed noticeably as she walked, and I had to lower a pair of hands to cover my obvious arousal.

My own body was far less spectacular. Not quite “dad-bod” territory, I _did_ still take care of myself. Though my abs have faded, muscle tone far less pronounced than in my early twenties, I still looked good for forty. A small gut had begun to form a couple of years ago, so I focused hard on cardio. My legs were well toned, strong muscles in my calves and thighs. My short, yet full head of hair had begun to turn gray, which I leaned into. It made me look more distinguished, at least. Light stubble prickled from my face, a strong jaw covered in a little more than just 5 o’clock shadow. My wife (and I) preferred less hair on my back and chest, which I kept clear through shaving and waxing. One hand was truthfully not enough to cover my throbbing manhood, the sizeable rod protesting behind my hand with all nine inches. 

I snapped from my fantasy and self praising stupor when she spoke. “What’s that?”

“I, uh,” stammered words stumbled from my mouth. “It’s normal, you’re quite attra-”

“No,” she said dismissively, somewhat entertained by my embarrassment. Her hand pointed to part of the wall, “That… writing?”

I looked to where she was pointing. Some strange inscription began to glow, a violet pink radiating from the walls. It didn’t look like any language I’d ever seen, just strange loops and shapes leaking some weird, pinkish mist.

“What’s going on?” she asked, a slight tremble shaking her voice as the writing warped.

The inscription steadily shifted and changed, shapes twisting into more recognizable letters. Silence filled the room as the inscription became legible: __Human Mating & Breeding Research__

We stared at the wall in shared disbelief. A deafening series of grunts, chirps, and clicks barraged our ears, as though something was trying to speak to us. We both crouched down with our hands over our ears, the sounds burning through our minds until it stopped. The disembodied “voice” cut out just as suddenly as it had started, and a moment later there was another. This was far more pleasant, and understandable.

“_Sorry_,” it began, “_the translator doesn’t always work right away_.” Emily and I exchanged a look, and the voice continued, “_Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in a galaxy wide research initiative! Please demonstrate your species’ mating and breeding rituals._”

Emily’s face melted into an expression of shocked disbelief, and I tried to put on a more stoic look. Time to be the safe, reliable adult. 

“Excuse me,” I started, hoping the fear boiling within hadn’t been audible in my voice. “We can’t just… _have sex_ for you, there’s a certain…” My words trailed off as I struggled to find the right words.

“_We encourage any manner of fantasies you may have, neither will remember once the study completes_,” the strange voice continued, apparently done waiting for me to come up with the word “_consent_.”

“Here on this planet,” I began again, feeling more certain in myself, “there is something called consent!”

“_You may be pleased to learn you’re not on_ ___your___ _planet_.”

A quiet whimper broke the silence behind me, Emily having a hard time with the situation. I turned to look at her. She had settled against the podium at the center of the room. Her arms were wrapped around her legs, which were pressed against her chest. I felt pity for the girl, and a renewed sense of urgency to get us out of this situation. 

“Then where __are__ we?” I demanded.

“_Away. A place where either of you can enact any fantasy on the other, where no one will interfere. All we ask is the two of you breed, in the name of better understanding of the universe._”

“I’m not going to __rape__ her!” I shouted, possibly too forcefully. It didn’t have any kind of calming effect, but I was _certainly_ no rapist.

“_We shall wait_,” was their only reply.

I looked back at Emily. She seemed to be getting a grip on herself, still sitting against the pillar, but taking considerably calmer breaths. The pink vapors swirled around her legs. Her hands were buried in unkempt hair. Elbows resting on her knees, still pushed up against her chest. I tried to keep my eyes from wandering, but not in time to avoid the puffy flesh around the slit between her legs. My erection throbbed behind my hand as I busied myself examining the wall. There had to be a way out, there just _had to_.

“Mr. Flagg?” Emily’s voice startled me, her tone mixed with conviction and defeat. I turned to her, watching as she slowly rose to her feet. She beckoned me to her, and I awkwardly walked over. The white pillar stood between us, and we leaned in, speaking in hushed whispers.

“They said they’ll let us go after we…” she trailed off.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to. You’re my son’s-”

She cut me off with a dismissive wave of her hand. “They don’t even know how it works. Who’s to say it isn’t just a normal gesture?”

“Like what?” Her plan was taking shape in my head, but there were plenty of gaps. 

“Like, what if we shake hands? Reluctantly, so it still seems like we’re not wanting to do this, but selling it as our mating ritual?”

I pondered it. Her idea seemed ridiculous, but if these creatures really had _no_ idea how humans breed, could it actually work? “I think that’s worth a shot,” I replied. “How should we do this?”

She put a tentative hand on the waist high table between us, my eyes sliding up her arm and onto her shoulder. I couldn’t help but realize how hard her nipples were, pointing firmly on her deliciously petite bosom. My hand joined hers on the table, a few inches away as I blinked to clear the desires bubbling in my mind. _It would be sooo easy,_ an intrusive thought echoed. _And then we could just go, no one would even know_. I gulped, resolve returning as she continued the plan.

“If we interlock our fingers, maybe I struggle a bit? Would that be enough, do you think?”

_Or I could just round this table and_ ___take___ _y-_ I shook my head, and she noticed. A frown spread across her face, gorgeously full lips pouting softly. 

“Yeah, sorry. I think that should work.”

“Why did you shake your head, then?” She asked. “Is there a problem?” 

“No,” I tried to say assuringly. A sigh broke from my chest, “Not with the plan. I’ve got some unpleasant thoughts.”

Her cheeks flushed bright red, “Me too.”

I chuckled nervously, “We better get on with it before we do something regrettable, then.”

She nodded, “Grab it, before I _beg my daddy_ to pump a baby into me.” The palm of her other hand rubbed her eye as some strange stupor began to fade, “Boyfriend’s daddy – dad.”

_I could have you calling me daddy_, the inner voice proclaimed, and I snatched her hand more forcefully than intended. She gasped, then doubled down with what I imagine was an exaggerated moan as our palms met, my fingers squeezing against the back of her hand. My desire for her increased when she bit her lower lip seductively, and I wondered if that was part of the act, or an unintended reaction. She “struggled” against me, her breasts jiggling invitingly. I desperately wanted to reach out and grope one, pinch a nipples, or better yet, _take it in your mouth and pound into her against this table!_

A grunt and several groans broke from me, coalescing with her moans. My erection _begged_ for attention, but I remained focused on the plan. I finally broke my grip on her hand ready to pull away, but her fingers gripped me tighter. Her other arm had crossed down her front and behind the table, and I wondered if she was pleasuring herself through our ruse. I tore my focus away from her, and addressed… nothing in particular. 

“It’s done, I’ve impregnated her. Let us go now?”

Emily released my hand when I finished talking. We waited for a response from our captors, soft moans still coming from the girl as she slumped against the table. Her back looked every bit as inviting as the rest of her, and I couldn’t help but notice her eyes locked on my erection. 

“_An impressive display, to be sure,_” the voice finally said. I breathed a sigh of relief, “_But we are familiar enough with intercourse of the mamals of this planet to know of your genitalia._”

Damn. We’ll have to come up with another plan, fast. _Or we could just_ ___fuck___. It certainly looked like Emily would potentially be willing, but I couldn’t betray my own son (or wife) like that.

“_We understand there should be a transfer of genetic fluids. Yours entering her, specifically. Until this occurs, with confirmed pregnancy taking place, consider yourselves property of the Galactic Collective._”


A click informed us of their disconnection from this room. Emily continued laying on the table, her chest pressed against the flat surface. I glanced down her smooth back, hungry eyes devouring the sexy dimples above the round, inviting cheeks of her ass. _Just fucking do it_. The voice was louder, almost as though it wasn’t just in my head. I blinked back into reality and asked, “What?”

“Just fucking do it,” Emily repeated. “I’m _so_ fucking horny right now, just stick that big cock inside me.”

Every fiber of my being screamed for me to comply, but that _stupid_ __fucking__ ___conscience___ protested. An idea began to take form, one that could possibly satisfy us both, and still trick those who kidnapped us.

“Oral,” I sputtered.

“What?” she responded hazily. Her head angled up off the table to look at me.

“They know of… our _junk_,” I explained with a gesture. Half of her lower lip became ensnared between pearly white teeth once again when her eyes focused on my still hard manhood, throbbing tantalizingly close to her face. “What if we use our mouths on each other, would that…?” I couldn’t even finish the thought, it sounded so ludicrous. Had I really just told my son’s girlfriend to “blow me?” And would that be-

All functional thought halted when I felt her hand grip my base. I looked down at her just in time to stroke a small hand up the length of my girth, glimmering beads of precum bubbling at my tip. She pulled herself further onto the table, laying fully on it now. Her legs bent upward from the table, feet rising over her round ass. I wanted my hands _all over_ her body, wanted to feel her firm youth as she worked on my cock. A hand went to her head guiding her onto me as her lips spread around the thick, purple head of my cock. Warmth closed around me, teeth grazing across my sensitive flesh as her mouth struggled to accept such size. Her tongue licked zigzags along the underside of my painfully erect shaft, aching balls already tensing as my orgasm screamed for release. _This won’t take long_, I thought, cherishing every fleeting moment.

The back of her throat closed against my probing member, forcing a gag from her full mouth. I wondered if she would be interested in feeling my cock squeeze into her throat, the answer coming in the form of her forcing her head even harder onto me. My hands eagerly went to work turning her over on the table, rolling her onto her back with my rod still buried in her mouth. The twirling sensation almost tossed me over the edge, but I held on long enough to take a handful of breast in one hand, and her neck in the other. 

Veins bulged along her neck as her airway closed, her throat straining around a large object not meant to be there. The head of my cock slid steadily onward, followed by the rigid shaft. Incredible tightness surrounded me, her hands holding my thighs as her fingers dug into my skin. Climax struck with little more than an inch of my cock still outside her inverted mouth, pulses of warm cum struggling to flow down her throat. I shoved the final portion of my pulsing member into her as ropes of semen glazed the lower portions of her esophagus. Reason took a shaky hold over me, and I pulled out just enough to allow her to draw raspy breaths, the thick, sensitive head spurting the last of my load into her mouth. She closed her lips around my submerged appendage, sucking and licking while trying to swallow the deposited seed down.

Clarity began to return as my climax subsided, and I worried of the betrayal I was about to commit. It _was_ my turn, however. And I certainly owed her some pleasure after all that. I walked around the pillar upon which she laid, watching her tongue swirl around her lips, licking the sticky remnants from beyond her mouth. After taking my place at her legs, thick thighs rising into bent knees before extending down to small feet with curled toes, I placed my hands on either knee. She allowed me to open them, spreading her thighs wide around her drooling pussy. Pink lips had begun to emerge from the soft flesh around her sex, a hooded clit gleaming wetly atop her slick opening. My mouth _watered_ at the sight of it, and I quickly knelt at her altar, sinking into the thickening pink mist.

I breathed in, her scent clouding any judgement as my mouth approached the tender area between her legs. My tongue glanced across her narrow folds, slinder, pink vulva doing little more than providing her pussy with a delicious frame. Her flavor flooded my senses, coating my tongue in thick arousal as I licked up and down her slit, then buried my nose in the light red hairs above her pussy and locked my lips around her stiff clit. I sucked her sensitive bean, making my tongue dance circles around her delicate button. Pleasure leaked onto my chin, and I sent a curious finger into her tight tunnel. She moaned as her fingers dug into my hair, nails scratching into my scalp as I devoured her savory sex. My finger pulled back as I shook my hungry mouth against her, cheeks rubbing against thighs while another finger joined the first on its journey back inside.

The steady stream of pleasure grew to a raging river of ecstasy as her pussy throbbed beneath my tongue, constricting around my curling fingers until they were squeezed straight. Her orgasm shook through her body, trembling legs closing and curling around my head as I continued my juicy meal. Moans grew to throaty groans and sharp shrieks, waves of climax crashing through her with forceful spasms. Warmth washed against my neck and down my chest as a geyser of delight erupted from her quivering folds, bathing me in her pleasure as my mouth sent het ecstasy ever higher. 

“_Fuu____uuu____ck!_” she wailed, her trembling fingers pushing me away. A series of breathless “stops” led me to begrudgingly pause the assault, her flavors on my tongue and scent in my nose urging me to _take_ her. The voice in my head telling me to _force that cock deep into her cumming pussy, pump your seed_ ___deep___. I fell back as she suffered through blissful agony, sitting on the wet floor and watching her squirm. Her shrieks faded to groans, then back into heaving moans as her climax mercifully subsided, and I tentatively climbed to my knees for more.

I shook my head, the final, desperate attempt to clear my mind. “It’s done.” The words meant nothing and felt hollow even to me, but I continued my effort to mislead our captors. “She has a belly full of sperm,” I struggled to my feet beside her. “We have successfully mated.”

Her lust-filled eyes dropped to my manhood, standing almost painfully erect once more within a soft cloud of pink. “No we didn’t!” she chimed in. I stared at her, dumbfounded. “I _need_ that fucking cock inside me!”

Her legs relaxed, sliding down the table, feet dangling over the puddles on the floor as more warm fluids leaked down from above. I looked into her eyes as I stood between her legs, slapping my rigid member onto her belly. My mind was devoid of thought, primal urges fully in command as I grasped her soft, warm, _firm_ thigh, then slid my manhood down over the fine hairs of her pubic mound. She turned her legs, locking her ankles behind me as the bulbous head of my cock pushed between her drenched lips. They opened around me as I pressed forward, her inner heat enveloping my meaty column as it split into her.

My eyes rolled at the incredible stimulation. Her walls spasmed around my probing member as it entered. Every inch felt her muscles strain and relax, my girth spreading her pussy as it surged deeper. Our pelvises touched at last, every inch of me tightly wrapped by her, and I ground my hips against her inner thighs. My balls rubbed between the lower reaches of her ass as my cock slid and wiggled within her constricting embrace, a familiar stirring alerting me to pending release.

Orgasm was still far off, but the precariousness of our situation dawned on me. I was getting closer and closer to knocking up this young woman. _And it will feel so fucking good._ My hips swung back, inch after inch slipping away from her squeezing interior. I groaned as our organs struggled against one another, then _finally_ placed a hand upon her breast. Her nipple prodded against my palm as I groped her, hips falling forward again. My thickness plunged fully inside once more, and I brought my head down over her. I squeezed her breast in one hand, fingers forcing her nipple up into my approaching mouth as my hips found rhythm. She moaned as I fucked her, my tongue swirling around the small bumps of her areola within my suckling mouth.

My other hand sneaked between our bellies, sliding down until it found the wetness slurping around my cock. Her clit was at the mercy of my teasing fingers, my thumb rubbing her into ecstasy while I pounded away. She came hard beneath and around me, my mouth abandoning her breast as her chest spasmed. A warm river of pleasure ran over my plunging piston, flowing down heavy balls and raining across my thighs. I nibbled the tender flesh of her neck, salty sweat joining the flavors of her pleasure on my tongue. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, fingernails raking against my back as her legs tightened their hold around my waist. I held her hips as I thrusted through her climax, marveling at the incredible contractions restricting my movement within her convulsing tunnel. Her quivering folds hungrily massaged my plunging length, writhing body eager to be filled with my essence. I sunk fully into her, eyes rolling as I groaned at the stimulation her orgasming body could bring. We stayed still for a while, the only movement being the spasms shaking through her as her climax crested, then began to abate. Her breathing became less labored, a shaky breath filling her lungs as her orgasm subsided. 

Increased tightness struggled around my pole as I drew back, then slammed in again. She moaned loudly, exhaustion taking a toll on her young body as I thundered between her thighs. I slid my hands up from her hips, fingers scratching over her abdomen, gliding above her ribcage, and separating over her modest breasts. One grasped a firm mound, while the other continued on. I pounded into her while groping her breast, the other hand closing softly around her neck. Her moans became muffled as her airway began to close, my thumb pressing against a pulsing vein in her neck. A struggled “_Fuck yes, daddy_,” slipped from her lips through moans while my fingers around her breast twisted and pinched her stiff nipple.

Her body tensed under the pressure of another climax, orgasm so perilously close. My own orgasm was rapidly building, and I willed it forward as jolts of pleasure spasmed through her. Her pussy trembled around my cock as it stiffened further, a grunt breaking from my clenched teeth as a pulse flowed up my buried length. Warm, potent seed gushed from my tip, spreading into her quivering folds. I released my grip on her neck, a red handprint remaining behind while my fingers scraped down her heaving chest. Groans spilled from her lips, unimpeded by a restricted airway as our pleasures mingled within her narrow passage, billions of sperm swimming in search of an egg to fertilize. Her back arched, a strained, breathless “_yes, Yes,_ ___YES___,” echoing into the small room as my warmth spread within her belly.

I collapsed onto her as my orgasm dissipated, her constricting sex holding tight around my softening erection. Our lips opened into each other, hungry mouths starving for intimacy as eager tongues danced together. We tasted one another as our _need_ deepened, passion growing as our arousal built again. My spent, softening manhood surged back to life, a painfully hard erection growing within her still spasming hole. She moaned into my mouth, my groan crashing into her song of pleasure.

The promise of our release was long forgotten as we continued our love, neither really caring if it took root in her womb as our bodies thrusted, humped, grineded, and slapped together. I never questioned why I was able to cum again and again without any rest, or how she never became sore. We fucked as the alien craft carried us into the vast expanse of space, one of thousands of species exercising carnal pleasure in their zoo of lust. The pink mist thickened around us, ensuring our desire for one another and ability to perform never wavered, as we lost our minds in primal sex.