I like to be objectified by women. That’s part of the reason I love being a 3rd for hotwives, and also why I love the idea of stripping for a group of women.

Yes, sex with an emotional connection is great. I do agree. But sex when someone just wants you to get them off is fucking hot too.

That’s the role I played in an ongoing hotwife relationship with a married woman a few years ago. We met on Craigslist when the husband reached out. After a few days of chatting they ended up coming to my hotel and we had an incredible MFM 3some that ended with her cumming on my cock and I came insider her from behind, and he came in her mouth. Yup, all 3 of us came at the same time.

After having such a great time he approached me about playing solo with her, and who would say no to that. So whenever I was in town we would arrange a date. It was purely sex, that all she wanted from me. She’d come to my hotel, and we’d get right down to it. Once I even answered the door naked and hard for her, much to the surprise of the other person walking past (I had told her I was going to do it, and she played a little joke on me by waiting until someone was coming down the hallway too. Timed it perfectly. She got fucked hard as payback that night).

One of the time we hooked up she was actually going out for a night on the town with her girl friends. They were all married, and vanilla friends who would be shocked she had a fuckbuddy and that hubby gave permission to it. So while all the friends would flirt with guys at the club, and get free drinks, they would never do anything. And my friend loved the idea that she could pretend to be all sweet and innocent as well, but know she was also going to be fucking her hot, older, hung friend bare with hubby’s permission later that night.

So as her night was going on we were having fun sending flirty texts to one another. Apparently she had me saved as “Boy Toy” with a shirtless pic in her phone, and thought that one of her friends MAY have seen her screen, but she played it off as texting with hubby. But she made it clear this would not be a night to be gentle with her… she wanted to get roughly fucked by someone that wasn’t her husband on a night out with the girls.

Around 1am I got a text saying she was on her way and would be there in about 20min. I put on fresh underwear that featured by bulge nicely and waited for the knock on the door.

When I opened the door she saw me standing in just my boxer briefs and obviously well on the way to a full erection beneath them. She looked down, smiled and said “perfect”, before stepping into the room, throwing her clutch on the couch and dropping to her knees. Without hesitation she pulled down my shorts, took my thick cock in hand, and began sucking. She’d been in my room for about 5seconds. God it’s fun being objectified.

I took her hair in my hands and held it out of her face as she worked my dick. I couldn’t resist asking the most obvious questions. “Were you thinking about sucking my cock all night while out with your friends?”. “Do you think they’d be surprised if they knew you were fucking someone other than your hubby?” “Think any of your friends have their own boy toys?”

With each questions, she just smiled and kept working my cock.

If you know me, you know I do love having my cock sucked, but that I LOVE sex. So after a few minutes of her sucking me, I stood her up and walked her to the bed, helping her remove clothing as we went. Peeling off her panties as she sat on the bed it was obvious she’d been wet most of the night. I spread her legs and started to kneel down to return the favour she’d just given me, and she stopped me…

“Not tonight. Tonight I just want to be fucked…”

Who was I to argue with that?

I stood back up, spread her legs wide, took my cock in hand and pushed deep inside her with one stroke. Now, I do know that it would be smart to use a condom, but by this point we had a mutual trust of each other and had agreed not to use them.

She was incredibly wet. He pussy was glistening right from the first moment, and we were enjoying the natural lubrication right from the start. She didn’t want gentle, she wanted to get FUCKED.

I started by hooking my arms under her legs to hold her wide for my thrusts, then flipped her legs up over my shoulders so she could feel my hips smacking her ass as I pounded her. That was when she came for the first time.

Then I wrapped a hand around her throat as I continued to fuck her. She looked up at me with a look of desire. There was no love, no emotion, just a desire to cum.

I crawled up on the bed and lay back and she knew immediately to climb on top. We both had enough experience that she could make herself cum repeatedly as she rode my dick and I knew she needed that. My hands alternated between her shoulders and her throat as I started by fucking her from below, but as she neared her orgasm I let her take control and then ride that wave to a couple smaller ones right after.

And then I it was time to take over again and get what I needed. I started to sit up and she knew exactly what to do. She positioned herself in the middle of the bed on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder at me with urgency as I took my dick in hand and lined it up with her pussy before pushing inside her.

My hand immediately took their place on her hips and pulled her back to meet my thrusts, but then quickly moved to her shoulder and into her hair. I pulled her head back firmly as I started to pound her. She had cum 3-4 times in this session already and I knew it was likely she would cum again as I came. So I took what I wanted.

There are few better feelings in the world than the instinct of pushing as deep as possible inside a woman as you start to cum. But when you also look down and see her wedding ring on her hand gripping the sheet as she cums herself, and you know you didn’t give her that ring… well, that is something special.

After a few minutes of pillow talk she looked at her watch and said that hubby would probably want to clean up, so she should get going. I stood and walked her to the door after she dressed but with me still naked.

She looked down at my semi-hard, wet cock as she opened the hotel room door. “So fucking hot”. And with that she smiled, and left.