When I was in school, I used to love going to the opera or watching symphonic concerts. I took many instrument lessons, violin, piano, guitar and loved going to concerts. Obviously, when I was thrown out by my parents, I had to give up on all of those things.

But there was this woman I met, she was beautiful and very nice to me. One night, as I was in the library, she sent me a text and told me to meet her at her place. As soon as I got in, she kissed me and grabbed my neck in her hands. She told me to change and pointed toward a bag on a table. In it, there was a black dress for me. I undress in front of her, right in the middle of her living room as she watched me, sitting on her sofa. Her eyes were full of lust. I put the dress on, turning my back to her to ask her to zip it up.

“Thank you, this is a nice dress.”

“This changes from all those jeans and hoodies”.

She kissed me, her hands on my ribs and my stomach.

“What is it for?” I asked her.

“Tonight, we’re going to the opera.”

I had told her one night about how I missed going there, she must have taken my word for it and decided to treat me for a nice night. I was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling.

“I guess I better shower first then.”

“Mh… but quick, we don’t have much time before we need to go.”

“You can always watch me as I shower, make sure I’m not taking too long”.

I bite her lips and she laughed, slapped my ass and followed me to her bathroom where she took the dress off and let me walk into her shower. I put on a show for her but ultimately we didn’t have a lot of time so I finished my shower and got in the dress. She helped me put on new shoes to go with the dress. She drove us to the opera. She was beautiful in her dress and looked really royal whereas I look almost out of place with my pixie hair cut, my tired eyes. The woman took my hands and walked through the crowd, she was greeting her friends on her way, making small talk as I stand by her side, looking down. Her hand was on my back, slowly rubbing my skin. She was drinking some fancy drink I forgot the name of. Some of her friends asked me questions and I tried to answer them despite my dried throat.

She took us to our seats on a balcony and place herself next to me. We could see the entire stage from there. The sounds of the room were so soothing, the instrument warming up and the spectators chatting and laughing. I love how the sounds reduce slowly as the light goes out. Everything falls into place. I was captivated by the tenor on stage and the story unfolding before me.

At some point, this woman put her hand on my lap and followed the dress pattern with her fingers. I turn my head toward her but her eyes were fixed on the stage. I focus on the opera singers, reading the lyrics on the screen above the stage. I felt her hand going up on my thigh, caressing my skin through the dress. I felt so warm and I was thankful for the obscurity surrounding us as I was blushing, my cheeks probably scarlet. She was teasing me, always caressing my thighs, my inner thigh but never went higher.

After the intermission and a drink to calm my nerve, the show went on. She put her hand back on my thigh, gripping it tightly. I was biting my lips, my eyes fixed on the stage as her hand finally found my soaking pussy. I wasn’t wearing my panties, I left them at her home and there was no barrier between her fingers and my clit. I spread my legs a bit on my seat and hold back a moan as she turned toward me, her lips attacking my neck. She pushed a finger in me and I grab her hand, trying to stop her but she slapped my hand. I let it go and she pinched my clit, I hissed. My cheeks warm from being used in public like that scared that someone might smell my wetness. I groaned, my sounds lost in the music of the opera. I felt so warm, I wanted to rip the dress off my skin and let the woman embrace every inch of it. I grind on her fingers as she played with my pussy, opening me up. I bit my hand, trying to hold back my moans as she put her finger on my clit and began rubbing it. Tears got in my eyes as I was panting, desperate to cum but to be silent. I could feel the pleasure building up and the shame of being horny in public pressing against it. She had mercy of me and knew that I couldn’t cum in silence and started slowing her fingers. She pulled them out of my pussy. She put her fingers in my mouth and I lick them clean of my juice. I could see her eyes on me and I could tell that she wanted me to eat her out.

And after the evening she offered me, I was much happy to oblige as soon as we got back to her place.