As always, kitten is the first to stir, roused from slumber before the sun hits the window panes. Like clockwork, the bullet embedded in kitten’s wet little kitty starts to buzz and pulse, causing her eyes to bolt open as waves of dizzying pleasure wrack her petite body. Kitten mewls and whines quietly for a moment, familiarizing her body with the deliciously agonizing pulse coming from in-between her legs as she prepares to perform her first duty of the day: Being Daddy’s personal cock-warming alarm clock.

With feline agility and stealth, kitten rustles underneath the bed sheets, resting her face in-between Daddy’s legs, careful not to rouse Him from His hard-deserved rest as she licks and kisses His shaft, drawing it into her wet little mouth. Buzzed, impetuous kitten fights off every instinct to bury Daddy’s stiff, throbbing cock down her throat and give Him loving, sloppy service, her intense aching and craving for Daddy’s big dick to fill her throat tempered by her dire need to wake Daddy in the manner that pleases Him most: By filling up His kitten’s hungry little mouth with His hot, delicious cream.

Kitten lovingly suckles and worships Daddy’s cock at an agonizingly slow pace, licking and slurping until His full balls start to churn, veins beginning to emerge in His throbbing shaft. Daddy wakes up with a happy sigh, eyelids fluttering open, His first sight of the day being that of His little kitten kneeling between His legs to collect her morning meal. Daddy happily obliges, shifting His legs to properly reward kitten with His warm appreciation.

After kitten has finished preening and cleaning Daddy’s dick, Daddy reaches forward to take kitten’s chin in His hand. He smiles, kissing her on her forehead, His whiskers bristling against her unblemished skin. Daddy and kitten then go bathe together, and prepare for the day.

The cold shower jars kitten into wakefulness, her little body shivering, huddled against Daddy’s for warmth and comfort. She shampoos her long, lustrous hair as Daddy lathers up her body, cleaning her thoroughly. Kitten purrs out, melting into Daddy as His strong, gentle touch lingers between her quivering thighs. After another lingering-moment-that-never-ever-seems-to-last-long-enough, kitten is clean, doing her part to help scrub in all of Daddy’s hard-to-reach places. Afterwards, they dry off and head to the dressing room.

Daddy picks out a pair of stockings and a cute bra for kitten, today’s being lacy and white (Kittens don’t wear panties.) He dresses kitten. Daddy takes a cute, white pair of cat ears, placing them on kitten’s head. He takes a slim collar, inlaid with cat’s eyes, collaring His obedient pet. He picks out a matching tail, bringing the plug to kitten’s mouth. Kitten’s mouth opens up enthusiastically, licking, moistening the plug before Daddy withdraws it, resting it in-between kitten’s pert little cheeks. With a contented little squeal, kitten trills out, stumbling into Daddy as she feels her tiny little hole being plugged up with her favorite tail. She wiggles her little butt, wagging her tail to show her appreciation.

Kitten waits patiently for Daddy to finish getting dressed and ready for work. On some days, they would play in the shower. On others, Daddy might decide to have kitten for breakfast. Today was a busy day though, and busy Daddy had no time to waste playing with His kitten before work. Kitten pouts at the door, waiting patiently to give Daddy His goodbye kiss. His lips meets hers as His strong hand slides in-between kitten’s little thighs, pressing with emphasis into the naughty little bullet buried in kitten’s sweet pussy. β€œPurr for me today, kitten.” Daddy says, withdrawing His hand from kitten’s groin as she mewls into His ear, before leaving for the day’s work.

Daddy spends His day at the office, filled with all the stress and tension of running a firm. He takes calls and schedules meetings with clients. He leads seminars and answers inquiries from His staff. Daddy stoically trudges through the mundane trappings of His work life. His one break from the tedium of His work comes in the late afternoon every day, without a fail, in the form of a text message: A simple picture sent from His kitten, her lithe body sprawled out enticingly, an offering unto Him. Daddy’s mood brightens, finding the gusto to push on, mind racing at the thought of how He’d later use His treasured pet for His pleasure.

Kitten spends her day an adorably hot, wet little mess. Feeling dumb and dizzy, head in a tizzy, Daddy’s silly, ditzy, pretty, itty-bitty kitty navigates her territory on wobbly feet, the bullet embedded in her wet little pussy changing in speed, intensity and frequency at intermittent intervals, keeping her forever off-guard, fragile mind simply unable to endure the constant buzzing sensation pulsing powerfully through her body, indicative of the steady, persistent melting away of all the troublesome thoughts that attempt to form in her empty, pleasure-addled brain, entrenching her firmly, deeply into blissful, subservient subspace. Kittens don’t need to think, they just need to ***need*** their Daddy.

After a certain point, as is her routine, kitten simply can bear no more. Body writhing, undulating, she sprawls out, a kitten in heat, posing in the most adorable, enticing way she can muster. She strives to capture and communicate wordlessly the very essence of *Please, PLEASE come home from work early and play with your needy kitten, daddy!,* snapping and sending a personal, sexy picture for Daddy’s eyes only. Daddy never responds, but kitten can’t resist herself: She simply HAS to let her Daddy know that her need for Him is the driving force behind her existence as His beloved pet.

As her needy spell abates, kitten settles to her vanity, preparing to make the only choices, the only agency left to her in her daily life as a pet: How to get ready for Daddy. Thighs quaking, she takes a breath and steels herself. Fighting tremors, she lines her eyes with an intricate, exotic cat’s eye. She takes the liner to her cheeks, drawing adorable little black whiskers to accentuate her feline appearance. She adds a dab of blush to each cheek, softening her expression.

Eyes and cheeks done, kitten turns her focus to her lips. Her eyes dart through a collection of designer lipsticks, her scrambled little brain puzzling over the pretty colors, trying to decide which one might help make Daddy fall in love with her hot little mouth today. Kitten settles on a soft, baby pink, complementing her rosy cheeks and white lingerie and drawing a contrast from her dark eyes.

Pressure and moisture coalesce almost unbearably between kitten’s legs as she runs the tube across her sensitive lips, painting them a blushing pink. She moans out, the one thought in her brain, the aching, the longing for that moment where her mouth and Daddy’s cock meet and claim each other intimately, His shaft filling her eager mouth as her soft lips decorate Him with marks of her loving worship. As kitten’s eyes glaze over, face flush, she brings the waxy stick in-between her legs, moaning out softly as she deposits a layer of pink color across her puffy little pussy lips, eager to present Daddy with two pairs of pretty pink lips to ravish and ruin.

In spite of all the intense stimuli, kitten otherwise keeps her hands to herself, and does her makeup to perfection, not daring to smudge: Kittens aren’t allowed to play with themselves, and her face was for Daddy, and for Daddy to ruin alone.

Kitten spends every free minute she has left, as cats often do, primping, grooming and cleaning herself. Once she’s convinced she’s perfect for Daddy, she scampers downstairs, waiting impatiently at her little bed by the front door. As she hears the sound of Daddy’s sports car pulling into the driveway, her little heart goes pitter-patter. She moans openly as Daddy’s silhouette forms through the window, His footsteps nearing, simply unable to wait any longer for her owner to acknowledge her and play with her. Daddy opens the door and with an excited squeak, kitten cries out for Him, tail swishing from side-to-side in typical feline excitement.

He smiles, reaching down to caress His pet. Kitten, fidgeting, takes His hand in her own, bringing His fingers to her soft, wet mouth to nibble, lick and suck. Daddy smiles knowingly, withdrawing His hand to set His coat on the rack. He reaches for kitten’s leash. He grabs her milk saucer. He leashes His pet, leading her on hands and knees to the den, where they’ll spend the evening fulfilling the desires each has been aching for since the moment Daddy had to leave: Kitten lovingly sucking and worshiping Daddy’s big cock, drawing load after load of delicious cream out of Him, deflating His big, heavy balls until He is spent, and kitten is nothing more than a tired, drowsy kitty with a belly full of warm milk.

And who knows? Maybe if kitten is ***really*** good, Daddy might decide at the end of the night to breed His favorite pet: Pressing His body into her soft little frame, holding her closely, possessively, His cock buried to the hilt in kitten’s wet, needy kitty as she weeps gentle, feminine tears of love and submission on His shaft, purring in His ear and whispering how much she loves and needs her Daddy.