So, I have hoped onto Onlyfans, just to see what it is like. Obviously, I will never pay to look at something, I can get online for free. Anyway, one day I find a woman who has the exact same collarbone as my neighbor. I am beyond shocked because she stunning but very conservative. So, I subscribe to her page and start messaging her. It took a few days, then I messaged her when I knew it was only her at home and asked what see was doing. She told me see was fingering herself and wanted a hand. So we continue to sext back and forth and I ask her if she wants a photo of me. She says, “yes.” So I send her a full photo, my face and all. The texting stopped immediately.

A few more days goes by then she comes and knocks on my door. I am thinking this is going to end badly. We have a long talk about why she is doing it and way she finds it interesting. She confessed she finds me attractive and would happily fuck me, but she remains faithful (for the most part) to her husband and this is just a kink for her. The conversation ends with her simply saying, “You have my number and have seen me naked.” “Might as we’ll continue to tell me what you would do to me, if you could.” We continue to sext. It is hot knowing she is doing this with her knowing I am rubbing my cock just feet away.