So, I don’t know about you all, but the gym has always made me ridiculously horny. Seeing all the fit people in the gym, getting all hot and sweaty and showing off their bodies I. Revealing clothing, just gets me there. Recently my buddy Mike and I went to our gym as usual and were working one shoulders, legs and abs. This day, the gym was packed more than usual, so we had to share a squat rack with these two women. Both of the women were stunning. Great athletic bodies, both were about 5’6”, one was brunette and the other was a sexy red. Needless to say, watching these women squat had my cock pressed against my compression shorts after the second set. We exchanged numbers and left the gym. When we got to my vehicle, Mike asked what I thought of the two women. When I started talking about what I wanted to do to them, Mike reached over and grab my cock over my shorts and started rubbing me. He told me to start fantasizing about them. I leaned my seat back and let him continue to stroke my cock, which was now free of my shorts. When I started leaking some pre cum, Mike reached over and started sucking my cock. He told me to continuing thinking about the hot redhead and imagine in was her lips on my cock. After about 5 minutes, I was coating the back of Mike’s throat with my cum. He continued to suck me until I went limp in his mouth. Without missing a beat, he said, “drop me off at home and hit that girl up.” Best bro ever.