I’m in the cab home rn from this insane hookup with a friend of a friend. We had a drunk hookup last night after we all went out as friends but it ended early cause people were staying at his.

So today, he was sending me a bunch of messages about what a good time he had and how badly he wanted to see me again before he left the city. Right before leaving to see him tonight, I social media stalk him and find a video of him from last week on Facebook deadlifting 500 pounds.

Now I could tell this guy was really in shape from the sex last night but the idea that he could easily throw me around drove me crazy thinking about the possibilities. So when I finally went over tonight I kept dropping hints about how badly I wanted him to lift me at some point.

What I didn’t realize was that instead of just lifting me with some warning he would instead roll me on top of him and just lift my entire body up and down on his cock.

I don’t think of myself as a small girl so to be absolutely tossed around like that put me way over the edge. It was easily the most used I’d ever felt and I came so so easily.