it’s the classic friends to lovers story but we are not lovers. but we are also not just friends. we used to tease each other and act like nothing happened after. i must add that her touching my thighs and slightly forcing me to open them under the desk while having a conversation with our friends was getting me all wet and purring but we didnt want to ruin our friendship just bc we wanted to fuck. we havent been teasing each other for a while bc of her having a boyfriend but yesterday we were in the car and there wasnt enough room for everyone so i had to sit on her lap since i was the most lightweighted person in the car… and as the car moves i started to feel her thigh brushing my pussy and not gonna lie i suddenly got wet and had to grind and move a bit more so i could enjoy it. i know i shoulnt have but kinda lost the control. i didnt make a noise so i dont think anyone else in the car noticed and she acted like nothing happened aswell hehe just smirked a little. i am kinda ashamed but it was one of the most intense orgasms i ever had and i guess i dont regret it 🙂