me and my best friend (im on the right) [](

Last night I had the most incredible experience. My best friend has been staying at my house for the weekend and she had gone out to run and errand. I have been feeling so horny recently and thought I’d take advantage of her not being there so my boyfriend and I could have sex. I’m on the bed and we’re making out his hands are stroking my pussy and I think I hear the front door open and close but I’m not sure. His hands are stroking my clit and I start moaning and then all of a sudden my friend walks into our room. We freeze surprised and she smiles, walking into the room and sitting down in a chair. She says, “mind if I watch?” I look at my boyfriend grinning and he leans in to kiss me and continues stroking me. I start moaning again as he slides his hand over my clit and I feel the excitement building. And then my friend hops on the bed and puts my head in her lap. She looks my boyfriend right in the eyes and says, “make her cum.” And she continues to encourage him as I start to climax. He is so excited and as I’m cumming slides his dick into my pussy. My friend is stroking my hair and keeps saying, “ keep fucking her, make her feel so good.” My boyfriend is kissing my neck and rubbing my clit as he fucks me. At one point I climb on top and start riding him, he is moaning and I can feel his body tightening like he’s about to come. My friend coaxes me on and she tells him to look at me. I keep going until we’re both ready to come and look at my friend and say, “tell me when” and she holds my gaze, strokes my boyfriends hair and says “go” He and I both start cumming so hard-his cum fills my pussy up with cum thrust after thrust. After we finish he holds me and she gently strokes my hair and leaves the room, but not before saying, “until next time” PART 2 COMING!